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GH2 v1.1 new firmware with 25p discussion topic
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  • @Vitaliy I don't profess to have a big brain, but there are many people out here who wish that they could help you, might it be a good idea to create a few ideas threads where people could use their different approaches to try to spark some creative problem solving? Just to add, that I am in PAL land and currently have the option of the fantastic array of hacks (thank you everyone!) or using HBR on the v1.1 fw. So I do not feel the need to push for the new release... But if we can help in any way that would ease the load for yourself.. Please let us know how!

  • Hi Vitaliy,

    the show is going on, isnt it !? Many thanks in advance to all of you, concerning the next succesfull GH2 steps...

  • @mrbill donating is not a problem... but when someone has donated a few times, one might like to offer additional support, this is a community of creative people here, and I for one would like to help in any way.. not sure if I can help? But creative problem solving is what artists do for a living, and just maybe a complex problem could be helped by the input from many?

  • Is the firmware open source so other programmers can parse through it or is it encrypted?

  • Guys, having FW 1.1 - how to disable displaying the "Photo ON/OFF" in Ex. Tele Conv. mode? I mean displaying, not the function itself. I have Ex. Tele Conv. set to Function 1 button to quickly switch forth and back, and since I use my GH2 almost exclusively for video - it is annoying that "Photo ON/OFF" it is first on the list after I press the Fn1 button! So I have to use cursor keys to navigate to "video ex. tele conv. on/off" which is not handy...

  • Vitaly - do you reckon the panny engineers hid the 25p functionality in the old 50/60i sensor modes ?

    Or was ist just the cheapest way to make it work ?

    Did the new fw get you a deeper understanding of how the sensor interface works ?

  • @superset.

    It's encrypted. Very few people can do anything with it. Vitaliy is one of them. He had to dump it and reverse engineer. Very difficult thing to do. He is still working on firmware 1.1 and has been for weeks.

  • @Gerald My understanding is that the electricity supply is only 50Hz on average, but sometimes never exactly 50Hz? Could this be the issue? (And spare a thought for people shooting 23.976 in a 60Hz land, they seem to get by controlling the flicker with shutter speed)

  • The frequency of power is very tightly regulated. It will be almost exactly 50 Hz. My guess is that those street signal lights are not even a multiple of 50 Hz. You can see the beat frequency is around 4 Hz. It would be easy enough to test by shooting 50p or 25p. (shoot 720p with the shutter speed slower than 1/50 s)

  • @balazer Whoops, I'd come across this ( but I realise now my maths were out by a factor of a 1,000, the 49.99-50.01Hz variance shouldn't make any difference!

  • @SuperSet It is indeed encrypted, and Vitaliy does not care enough for open source to release the decryption algorythm and keys.

  • @Ptchaw I do not have any intention to release anything. As it not only will lead to legal consequences (and believe me, I have real expience with it) and will render all our work useless in very short time.

    The core developers will get all necessary information, code parts, etc. For example, soon most AVCHD research will be handled by multiple developers. As we need to document all the little intricates of GH2-type encoder.

  • @ptchaw are you one of those open-source trolls?

  • @stonebat - he's a poster with over a hundred posts - I'd say he's just someone who would like to see this open-sourced and posting in good faith. Sometimes a lot more work can be done, but in this case, maybe there are good legal reasons to not distribute.

  • VK already said he tried "community programming" with GH1, but it didn't work well. But let say VK dies (please don't ban me), it will be sad if all his work disappears (or at least doesn't evolve anymore) with him.

  • Come on people. Patience, in one way or another we are all contributing, finance,testing...etc, So stop beating down the door. Do you really think that VK is not looking at this process from all angles including what happening outside of the code.

  • You can still rock your gh2 to 6400 and 12800 without major noise :

    and imagine that work on 16mp then scaled down to 1080p pana should take exemple of this for their next engine processor

  • @amateur

    Do not cross post. Link to topic is enough.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    sorry.. it was an exitement to see that miracle i had to bring it to pv communauty :/

  • Just something I noticed, maybe it's been said already: With HBR/25p, I can record longer than 30 minutes. In fact I logged 1h30mins before I stopped it. Panasonic didn't mention that on the list...

  • @ed_lee83: does it still show the 29:59 limit in the corner?

  • @fatpig You mean does the counter stop at 29:59? Nope, keeps going.

  • @Gerald, Balazar, et all, Here in West tokyo I often have to turn the shutter speed down to 40 to cancel flicker, on a few rare occasions even 30 is necessary. I have no idea what the standard for the city is, but this is the reality of how I have to shoot. Granted I am an amateur, so maybe there is a way around this other than shutter speed.

  • Interesting. I just took a look at japan standards. Seems like they use 50 AND 60Hz, depending on grid an region. Volt is 100, as to USA 120 and Europe 220... Interesting. "

    [...] however this frequency difference affects only sensitive equipment." (like a camera?)

    is it left or right traffic?