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GH2 v1.1 new firmware with 25p discussion topic
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  • need more info.
    out off sync is with all video players?

  • Firmware 1.1 / HBR Mode / Pancake 20mm/ f.17/25ms/ 1250 ISO/ sometimes 3200 ISO
    noise reduction -2 / i think for fast steadymoves in low light you need a higher bitrate the HBR mode is not enough
  • Any update on a new ptool for v1.1? Thanks in advance..
  • I am working on it.
  • Great news - thanks

  • @Vitaly_Kiselev do you think that it's possible to change the value of the variable movie mode? For example to 2400% for 1 fps?

  • @tobnyot, you should check the time lapse topics. We already have ways of getting frame rates from the camera as low as 2 fps, and you can go as low as you want with software post processing.

  • I am trying to download v1.1 firmware update, and I haven't been able to for 2 days, is the website down? Where else can I download the firmware update?

  • @clarkpnoy

    Try to read previous page of this topic.

  • Got it, thanks VK.

  • I ported general patches and all MJPEG and audio patches. Many AVCHD related things are still left, as they need to be changed and adapted to new version.

  • Thanks Vitaliy!

  • Nice work Vitaliy

  • Keep up the good work!

  • Thanks for the update! I hope the release is gonna come soon :) I don't like 24P all that much since a lot of light sources here in europe appear to be flickering.

  • Set your shutter to 1/50 s and the flickering should stop.

  • @pop24 I enjoyed your video clip; you did some great editing. I agree that higher quality with increased bitrate is needed

  • Just joined the forum and wanted to thank Vitaliy for his dedication

  • @ balazer, no the flickering will not stop @1/50 if the light is a convetional bulp. Only neon light will not flicker. In this short test-clip

    1:02-1:08 the signal lights on the left has been recorded @1/50 s. I saw it when it has allready been uploaded. If i have not allways sort them out as garbage, i would bee able to show hundreds of those examples.

    In PAL-Land (Germany) 25p is necessary, essential, required and so long been awaited for the GH2

  • I'm surprised. What happens if you shoot at 720/50p?

  • @Gerald the latest traffic lights have led lights. Thats the problem in the posted clip. even some cars have them now............

    just go to some trafficlights, and check the break lights off some cars. with your gh2....

  • old clip shot with a atcgk HD actioncanm in 60P ntsc.
    Go to 02:7min. and well..........
    go to 5 minuts and there is no problem, just a different traffic light..

  • One thing that hold me back for some time is how feckers from Panasonic implemented 25p and 30p modes. On main settings level they are combined with 24H. And on encoder level they are treated as old 50i and 60i (with only slight adjustments) :-)

  • Vitaliy, if the settings are shared, that is fine. We can use them that way - no need to try to split them. I think few of us need to switch frequently between HBR and 24p or 50/60i anyway.

  • @balazer

    I think you don't get me right :-) Many AVCHD patches must to be changed. And I need to think and understand how to rewrite some parts.