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GH2 - Direct Audio Monitoring: Hack or Patch possible?
  • Very interested in the GH2. Is it "possible" to improve the camera to monitor audio while in shooting mode, directly from the camera? Is this a hack/patch possibility? Is this something that hacking can address?

    Not being able to monitor audio -easily- is a very big deal. I know there are work-arounds that help, with added gear and cabling, but this leans hard against something quite valuable... SIMPLICITY. Great shots and people don't wait for gear to get setup and for every added piece of equipment and connector comes risks that can make shots completely worthless. (this is so painful when it happens)

    Thank you very much. I love everything this group is doing for the camera. You are creating something truly spectacular! But rats, this monitoring issue just makes me sad. I may have to buy a lesser camera... and really don't want to.


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  • We discussed this numerious times.
    My best advice - get proper external recorder.
  • My understanding of your post is that you are wanting to record incamera where possible, and monitor the levels of sound going in.

    Sescom match a specific cable for the gh2 (right cable size and everything, which is essentially just a pad and a split connection.

    I'll be doing the above for interviews as often as possible, but for more oomph will still need the traditional sync technique (taking audio from zoom h4n). The main reason for this is we still can only mostly supress, but not disable the agc circuitry. Still, great steps!
  • @SuperRoach
    which one of the sescom-cables are you refering to?
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