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Interesting: 1 trillion frames per second
  • MIT developed a camera that can capture the movement of photons across a scene

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  • I'll wait for the 4k version. ;-P
  • Imagine the lens speed and ISO needed for a 180 degree shutter...
  • Do you need a portable fusion generator for lighting?
  • I wonder what the camera would capture if they could film the double-slit experiment?
  • But does it shoot FLAT? How does it grade? It's worthless if it doesn't shoot flat!!!
  • Just posted yesterday to TED Talks youtube. Awesome and scary. See around corners, over line of sight...what about the past. Seeing what happened by the left over light. It's on.

  • @CRFilms Fantastic - thanks for posting this! Follow the link in YouTube or here, to see all their projects:

    Their Coded Aperture experiments got me really interested a while ago but I just didn't have the math to play with the idea. But I think that's what's behind the Lytro and also used for gamma-ray "photographs" in satellite sensors - which are "lenses" with a perforated metal plate.

    This new Femtophotography stuff will be just as influential I'm sure, especially as it's all open-source.

  • @CRFilms I missed your comment about the past! But if you take all of their research, where heterodyning can give you different viewpoints and allow you to selectively focus after taking an image, and seeing around corners and all their other stuff, sooner or later you will be able to go back in time and have a perfect 3D video of that thing that happened around the corner 10 minutes ago...