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  • Hello all. In a recent thread there was much discussion of creating a GH2 hack wiki. Vitaliy agreed that if (someone or more than one) would be willing to donate time and energy in maintaining it he would support it. So this is basically a calling out to anybody skilled in the art of making wiki's to get the ball rolling so we can all keep the boards free from the same repetitive questions and create an environment that is better suited to the testing and creation of better patches.

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  • Moved to offtopic.
    I said that I'll accept reputable member with knowledge.
  • to reduce amount of work for one member, maybe One Member could write table of contents, approved by vitaliy, and then other members can contribute to the wiki, according to table of contents.
  • Nope. Other members could help later.
    Otherwise we'll have strangest mess. I have some prior expirience with GH1 :-)
  • yes, that would be the risk, i understand :)
  • @longjohnsilver, @cyfernoa, @brian_sano, @ptchaw, @greenshift, @b3guy

    "Personal View" is analogous to huge university library, where one section is dedicated to the GH2 hack.

    One room (the News and Development Room) in this section is full of testers and the Founder and Head Librarian Vitaly, where noobs are barely tolerated. Everyone there is familiar with the current state of the hack and assumes that it need not be edited into a compendium. There is a sign on the Head Librarians desk that says "all posts be read careful and any information is there". A common answer to any question is "that topic is well known and has been covered extensively" and If you ask a librarian or a tester to help point out the most useful texts you might get reprimanded, or told to go to the Hacks and Patches Room and ask the noob's there. If you try to publish a post that is considered too basic or offensive it will either be completely censored or sent to the HnP Room where it is buried with over 2000 other posts, or might be included into previous posts that have no interest for you (like the GH1).

    The Hacks and Patches Room is a hectic mess of information with no clear idea of where to start, but if you stay there long enough you will eventually figure out your question and might learn enough to be able to be accepted into the NnD Room. This is more like a community college library since lots of people there are out actually shooting and doing production and come and go all the time. There are lots of opinions and videos of trial and error practical application of the hack, but is generally noisy and confused. Sometimes you can find testers and even librarians in there, but there is no Central Reference Desk that is up to date. In either room. And there are no plans to initiate one.


    The idea of a wiki (I know you have been there already) is that it the community is doing the work and the editing is reviewed by the peers who are also the watchmen. If there are discrepancies then you can step in, but generally everything progresses in an organic, natural growth that is easy to reference because of the hypertext links.

    Maybe this isn't what you want to do, so I will restate the post that you deleted in regards to all this: Anybody can start a wiki if it is off site and anybody can be a contributor, that is the purpose behind a community page. If you personally want to start a GH2 Hack wiki then you can be the moderator, but if you don't have the interest then somebody else can do it and you could be a consultant if so desired.
  • @jeffryalan

    I already tyold you how it could work.
    Find the guy who have knowledge and time and could make the core thing.
    Afterwards we could add other authors.
  • I have time and knowledge.
  • Thanks Vitaliy. And thanks everybody for taking this so seriously. Volunteers? please...
  • @jeffryalan: "....but there is no Central Reference Desk that is up to date. In either room. And there are no plans to initiate one. And there are no plans to initiate one..."

    Is this your vision or it's personal-view mission?
    Should your comment be sticky on the home page?

    To be honest, you comment is naive and a little out of place, not to say completely wrong.
    I'm a IT expert with twenty years of experience, I spent the last seven years working on Knowledge management system and your statement and vision is at 180 degrees with all the efforts and spirit of thousand of peoples trying to build knowledge bases around online communities.
    I spent my last seven years working to change the mind of people who write anf think like you.

    Today if you can't find something with google, it's like it doesn't even exist and I'm saying that here, today, given the incredible large amount of information and researches on this camera, it's nearly impossible to find something. And it's not a good thing nor romantic.
    I'm writing these posts because I do care for this project. I'm not a troll nor a monk of the 13th century.
    Wake up it's 2011!

    Which kind of knowledge are you referring? knowledge on GH2 or Wiki management?
    Given that I'm a GH2 noob that "I might get reprimanded" so I could have some spare time for the wiki management.
  • @longjohnsilver

    "....but there is no Central Reference Desk that is up to date. In either room. And there are no plans to initiate one."

    -There are no 'stickies' or FAQ's (a Central Reference) for Hacks and Patches or Hacks News and Development. That is not part of Vitaly's plan for this site, which is why the wiki was proposed.

    "To be honest, you comment is naive and a little out of place, not to say completely wrong."

    -As an "IT expert with 20 years of knowledge management" it is not only unfortunate that you completely misconstrued my statement, but that your statements ("today, given the incredible large amount of information and researches[sic] on this camera, it's nearly impossible to find something.[?] And it's not a good thing nor romantic.) are practically incomprehensible and could use a simple spell check. To be honest, you(r) comment is naive and a little out of place, not to say completely wrong.

    I guess you are pro wiki, as I am, but just couldn't communicate that.

  • @vitaly

    Now that the new firmware is out, a wiki is needed more than ever.

    Maybe if this topic was not in the 'Offtopic' dungeon there would be qualified volunteers to set this up. Do you know the term "marginalized?". This topic is not even in the margins, it is buried in the footnotes.

    p.s. since this is off topic I guess I can say anything and not get deleted, right? So........ hope you can rebound from your illness and have the energy to continue your work decrypting firmware so we can nitpick about our personal view on this site because there are definitely some Master Debaters following these developments :)

  • I'm not qualified?
  • @balazer

    If you've got the time and knowledge and commitment to follow through then you don't need anyone's permission. Just do it. A FAQ wiki would be greatly appreciated by everyone. It just needs to be set up by someone who knows how…and has the time, knowledge and commitment to follow through with making it happen… hmm. Once set up all will contribute, no doubt. Just keep it simple, to the point and open to editing. ie- a wiki.

    If VK doesn't like it then either your balls will be roasted and babies eaten or you'll simply be deleted off the face of the planet. But have no fear, my friend. As wikileaks motto so decries, so it shall be- "Courage is contagious"
  • Just wait a little. I am not against faq for beginners, quite the contrary.
    I'll install wiki soon and form initial team.

  • Sounds great Vitaliy, thank you for your continued service to this great community.
  • @balazer

    Do not worry, just write the part you think you know and send me to PM.
  • I have begun work on a wiki page. I will send it to Vitaliy when I'm done, probably around the end of this week.
  • excellent news!

    There is such a vast amount of info not only on the GH2 hack but all the work previously that relates to it, hopefully this will greatly reduce the questions that have already been addressed.
  • I installed Wiki at

    You can register, but new users don't have editing rights until approval.
  • Great News now we just need to get the ball rolling. Start looking at all the main repeated questions and start editing. Thanks a lot everyone involved.
  • I have completed my first passes of the PTool FAQ, the GH2 Hack FAQ, and the GH2 Usage FAQ.

    I'll take your comments and suggestions here.
  • @balazer

    Please, move all general things (like ETC, video editing, etc) outside GH2 hack FAQ main page.
    You can make page lie "GH2 Usage tips".
  • Vitaliy, I noticed that there are no navigation links in the wiki header, like back to the wiki root or to the p-v root. Can you add those kinds of links in the wiki config, or should we just create links within the wiki pages? A person coming into one of the wiki sub-pages from Google wouldn't necessarily know there was anything more to p-v.
  • @balazer

    I added breadcrumbs, could be enough for a start.
    I'll change template later.
  • This is a great initiative Vitaliy! Something I was waiting for a long time.
    Now every time a newcomer asks a simple question, we'll have to change out comment from "no spoon feeding" to "go look at the FAQ".