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Ryecote H4N & Tascam Shock Mount & Windshields
  • Vitaliy, Is there any chance of getting a deal with Ryecote on this? Has anyone got one/used one? Please report.
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  • I might have got one of the first one's shipped to the US a while back... I love it. Well built like all of their stuff and no rustling or handling noise since! Thanks for your great patches btw, I use them exclusively!
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Thought so, it's fairly cheap and barely enough markup profit for them to do a deal probably...
  • I've got one, it works as advertised. There are some handling noise issues with the H4n itself that can be a problem though, if that's the recorder you're using. The Stamina mode switch and the record button are both subject to rattling when you move the recorder. But this can be fixed with a bit of tape.