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Crypto scam: China stands behind many things
  • The Chinese authorities decided to limit the growth of energy consumption in the region of Inner Mongolia, which attracted miners due to its relatively cheap electricity. According to some estimates, this autonomous region of China generated up to 8% of the global supply of bitcoins, while the whole of China accounted for approximately 65% of the computing power of the world's distributed network.

    Why so much interest?

    It is all simple, hundreds of thousands of corrupt clerks paired with business owners need to rise bitcoin price as it allows them to transfer more money outside China without any control or restriction. This is why they do all to support big farms.

    Also China use lot of Mordor origin energy to do mining with price set very low using special secret long time contracts.

    I had been told that Communist party and local government workers perfectly know where big farms are located and instead of killing them that any responsible guy must do - they help them.

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  • No. There is corruption in communist party. That is clearly fake news.

  • @zcream

    Of course it is corruption in CCP, as almost all clerks are members of CCP.