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War: Baiden can introduce stock market reform to solve debt problems
  • New interesting story going around in certain circles last week.

    Present idea of pinky left is as follow:

    • Keep inflating stock market bubble
    • Suddenly during late Friday after markets closure they will introduce "Stock reform bill"
    • Bill also will include special measurements to people who have too much debt - forced labor
    • It will make any stock holder equally responsible for all company debts
    • Bill will pass within next 3 hours and will be signed by president within on hour
    • During weekend all major companies will publish their real debt, including subsidiaries, removing cooking they used to hide it
    • On monday stock prices of around 70% of companies will plummet
    • All tech giants prices will go into negative area
    • All outstanding debt will be moved into investment funds and from them into real people
    • All pension funds will go negative
    • 80% of population during this 72 hours will have no assets with positive value (only negative) and will have outstanding debt requiring forced labor for many years
    • Such way they hope to drop companies expenses to labor as much as 4-5 times.
    • All this will happen during 2nd and 3rd week of new, more deadly virus reveal
    • All US will be in total lockdown during this time and all US cities will have martial law for 12 hours each day
    • All mass media will support and prize it
    • Any opposition to bill will be officially named as "domestic terrorists" according to bill that passed early
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  • If true, YIKES!

  • I added final important thingy, as without it it won't work.

  • You have a great imagination.

  • @zcream

    You have a great imagination.

    I mostly have good people to talk to.

    And if I wrote you one year ago about current week news you had been telling me that not only about my wild imagination, but what I am totally nuts.

  • True. What is happening is beyond belief. Even Trump's victory in 2016 was unexpected. :-) should we thank mordor for that?

  • should we thank mordor for that?

    We must thank all good people in this world. As it gave world at least 3 extra more or less calm years without major shit.

    Plus COVID had been used much more early than planned as guys needed basis for extreme voter fraud. Tens of millions of lives saved by this.

    Also remember Trump thing about HCQ, guy saved huge number of people.

  • I find the rumors to be according to times.

    That doesn’t surprise me, what I find amusing is the execution of it would be total chaos and suicidal people will begin their last journey around us.