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Capitalism: Apple pushed contractors in India to make people work for free
  • Apple has punished an iPhone factory in India that stopped paying wages to workers. Of course, as usual, Apple punished workers, not factory management. The company has suspended orders going to Taiwanese assembler Wistron, which owns a factory in the Indian state of Karnataka. Such way all workers who started riot could be silently fired and APple will silently resume assembly on all other plants within next 20 days.

    The decision came after nearly 1,000 workers ransacked Wistron's factory and offices last week for non-payment of wages.

    It is noted that when hiring workers were promised a salary of 21 thousand rupees (286 dollars per month), then the pay dropped to 16 thousand rupees per month (217 dollars), and after - to 12 thousand rupees (163 dollars) and finally stopped at $0 per month. The total damage was about $7 million. The state police arrested 128 people, another 300 were detained for questioning.

    Rumors are that we have Tim Cook directly standing behind salary cuts, as his top management team kept pressing Wistron each week for better terms and blackmailed to otherwise cancel all new orders. Cook is known for total respect to money and investors and zero respect to real people, workers and engineers.

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  • Pressure is mounting to maintain steady supply of iPhone devices, including the iPhone 12 lineup, after Apple placed two of its phone assemblers on probation due to labor issues, according to industry sources.

    Rumors are that it can be Apple hired firm who pushed workers to use extreme methods (And Tim pushed Winston to reduce their salaries from other side).

    Apple hope to use this as distraction from much lower iPhone 12 sales than they expected.

  • This is the true story. India does not need these slave wage jobs. Driving a cab for example can net between 30000-60000 net. So even by Indian standard these are really low wages

  • @zcream

    Well, it is quite wild capitalism in India, so it is owners of means of production who decide that jobs India needs and that not.