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Capitalism: Murders in NY and Moscow compared since 1966
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    Per 100k people.

    You can see clearly how capitalism rises his head, 1994 is where libertarians want us all to go btw.

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  • The Apparent Trend of Underreporting By Socialist Nations The quality of homicide comparisons across nations is undermined by varying rates of underreporting by nations. National governments probably never overreport the prevalence of homicide within their jurisdictions, but often publish reports that understate homicide rates when international studies or record-keeping organizations seek data from them. It might even be said that each nation has its own underreporting rate. One technique for determining the rate of underreporting involves the comparison of surveys of crime victims with official crime reports (Archer and Gartner 1984). It can safely be said, however, that “the degree of undemumeration varies inversely with the seriousness of the offense,” and homicide is underreported at rates much lower than other violent offenses. It needs also to be said that socialist nations have apparently exhibited a greater proclivity to underreport or decline to report their homicide data. Archer and Gartner 1984, 17) note that socialist countries represented “exceptions to [the] general pattern of remarkable cooperation” in their study of crossnational violence from 1970 to 1984. The U.S.S.R. and several other Eastern European societies refused to participate in the study and the People’s Republic of China returned all requests for crime data unopened (p. 17). ¬Capitalism and violence: A test and critique of the alienation proposition

  • Here in India, most police stations will not even file an FIR unless you know someone personally. However, deaths are usually reported properly. For no other reason, other than the requirement to get a death certificate and also there is greater pressure from society and the media to investigate. Deaths are harder to hide.

  • @LOM

    It is good example of work by prostitutes from science.

    Issue with this guys is that none of them ever lived in USSR or China, so they think that such lies are simple to do.

    Here local capitalist presstitutes are much smarter, they never challenge obvious things as such way their credibility will vanish. They just try to write or make film about each and every more or less loud homicide for local area that happened during USSR, preferably many for each, so in the end it will look really bad for young generation.

    Here in India, most police stations will not even file an FIR unless you know someone personally.

    In capitalist countries it is quite norm, especially developing. People who lived in USSR can't bear current police as their only goal is to serve the masters and usually don't do anything besides it.