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Starlink teardown
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  • @jleo

    Btw. China is the main target for Starlink, if you don't know.

    And impact on total internal internet censorship will be pretty severe.

  • Maybe remote areas only. Most Chinese do everything "internet" on their phone while walking around, and can't wear satellite dish on their head :)

  • @jleo

    But you can provide lot of uncontrollable fast VPNs. This is also that most Chinese know how to use on their smartphone. It is just that due to tight control most of them are bad and slow.

  • I thought it was supposed to service Latam and the Caribbean sooner but so far no dice for beta. I'm off the grid on the coast and right now have radios giving me 'last mile' (more like last 3 miles) service from a fiber feed...its gotten pretty good, but I am interested in better.