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India: Poor scum again with red flags
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    National strike again, and scum still did not realized that they are one nation and big friends with business owners.

    They are so ungrateful and stupid. Have no idea how entrepreneurs and other real soil of humanity can tolerate all this.

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  • charter of demands of the general strike include cash transfer of Rs 7,500 per month for all non-income tax paying families and 10 kg free ration per person per month to all needy. In India only 1% pays income taxes. Farming income is tax free, and the average farmer is actually better off than the average salaried person. Their demands will transfer wealth that India simply does not have.

  • @zcream

    It is always such, as people mostly just wish money, salary increase or goods redistribution. It is ok, as lack of education makes solutions to look simple.

    As resources and energy no longer rise, but mostly fall - all such demands are almost impossible to comply with, even if ruling class want to comply. Hence the tension will increase and increase.