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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • Denmark’s minority government may have finally gained parliamentary support on Tuesday to legalise the cull of all farmed mink to prevent the spread of coronavirus, but a poll showed public trust had plummeted over the crisis.

    The Social Democratic government’s admission there was no legal basis for its 5 Novemberorder to cull the country’s entire mink population magnified an outcry over the measure, which farmers say will end their business for good, Reuters reports.

    Food and agriculture minister, Mogens Jensen, said late on Monday the government had won parliamentary agreement for legislation underpinning the cull that would “hopefully create some peace”.

    I propose to cull Denmark’s minority government, completely. On the reasons that mink are at least cute and smart, and this shits are ugly and dumb.

  • I had a Denmark girlfriend long time ago. Very intelligent people and it’s social structure very well thought, but if you talked about anything that may crumble or put on doubt their hierarchy, they would begin a rant and irracional thinking that abolished any other kind of rationalization, by using their intelligence and nation love. I’m talking all the family and friends! Kind of a bad overcloked machine. They could halt anytime, anywhere.

    Sometimes, first world countries specially northern ones are more prone to this kind of illogic and stupid deductions. At the end they are all governed by a very smart political class. If this is news... then, they already have the answer.

    On them about minks, i trust is a plan, if USA made that, ill doubt very much it’s real purpose of the news.

  • @endotoxic

    but if you talked about anything that may crumble or put on doubt their hierarchy, they would begin a rant and irracional thinking that abolished any other kind of rationalization, by using their intelligence and nation love.

    Peter is his last book notices that large hierarchical systems actually have lot of qualities of organism. They are able to unconsciously fight for their steady state and for their existence. It also explains why it is so hard to make even slight changes in such systems.

  • The thing you commented. One of the most fixed peoples you may find, but in all day normal life, they apparently are the most open ones!!

    Strange humans, real strange.

    About hierarchy, it’s a common problem over there to be overthinking about something and at the end sticking with the simplest solution. Nothing bad for that but lots of time wasted.

  • Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said that people should not travel for Thanksgiving, citing the rapid increases in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations around the country. “It’s a strong recommendation,” said Henry Walke, COVID-19 incident manager at the CDC, during a press briefing.

    Fuck CDC, their place in hell.

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  • On immunity



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  • More on Vitamin D3 dosage

  • Live in the sun. That fixes any vitamin d issues.

  • @zcream

    Live in the sun.

    For most of humanity it won't fix anything. As people work all day inside, and most of the year it is really cold to go with lot of exposed skin.

    Spain is quite sunny country, but of one the leaders in D3 vitamin deficiency.

  • Half of Spain is mountains

  • One thing that we must understand is that COVID-19, as well as all main vaccines can have multiple CRISPR-Cas systems, effectively made to modify our cells DNA (here it is real fun - virus having and using system made by bacteria billions of years ago to fight with... viruses). Also CRISPR things can actually just reside on DNA effectively inactivating certain genes.

    Top corporations and labs have all the knowledge for this.

  • Song of big Pharma

    A bird-catcher is singing about birds.
    An angler is singing about fish.
    But I am singing about leeches.
    I sell them for money!

    I accept your applications
    For medicinal leeches.
    They can cure your bronchitis, tonsillitis,
    Your liver desease and your splenic desease,
    Your polyp and flu.
    These small fries can help you.
    My dear... my dear...
    My dearly priced leeches.

    But your goods can't cure
    (Croak-croak, croak-croak)
    Stupidity and boasting.
    Go away from here, Duremar!

  • Regeneron’s cocktail is chiefly targeted at the new coronavirus’ spike protein, preventing it from attaching to cells and thus lowering the overall viral load. The treatment appears to be at least somewhat effective. Hospitalizations and emergency room trips were noticeably lower in test receipients than for a placebo group, at 3 percent versus 9 percent.

    Three times less patients going to hospitals is now called "at least somewhat effective".

    We need to do something with modern media.

    As HCQ treatment alone must be enough for new Nuremberg tribunal.

  • Aztrazeneca like sign me up.

  • @DrDave

    AstraZeneca has just revealed that its vaccine - which, unlike the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines, relies on the more traditional adenovirus vector approach - is 70% effective at preventing the coronavirus.

    Well, efficiency is clearly slowly dropping. In the mass usage efficiency of all this vaccines will drop to 40-50%.

    And note - all adenovirus based vaccines cause immunity to vaccine, hence it is mostly one time use thing.

  • In the organisms of bats, which have been lying in freezers in Japan and Cambodia for several years, scientists have discovered for the first time a coronavirus related to the cause of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic. This is reported by Nature journal .

    The virus was found in the bodies of two animals in Cambodia, stored since 2010. If it turns out that the infection found in their bodies is at least 97 percent the same as COVID-19, this will provide significant information about the ways the virus is transmitted from mice to humans, as well as its origin.

    “Regardless of what the Cambodian team found, both discoveries are impressive because they confirm that viruses closely related to SARS-CoV-2 are relatively common in horseshoe bats and even in bats found outside of China. ", - quotes the journal as a biologist from Vietnam Alice Latinn.

    How handy. Nothing is found yet, no RNA is sequenced, but we already have nice report to support idea that it is all nice and natural. And no labs are involved in making all this mess.

    Guys, it won't work, humanity must get huge hammer and perform real genocide of scientific community, as this guys lost all bounds and lack any responsibility.

    They went as was as openly saying that all their support of "natural virus" idea comes that wish to never have any control and do not be held accountable for anything they are doing (and this guys do lot of nasty stuff like experimenting on poor people, tribes, buying organs that come from young people).

  • The World Health Organization admits that there have been several primary cases of COVID-19 coronavirus infection in the world from various sources. Michael Ryan, Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Program, announced this.

    We need to do something with WHO.

    As I have only one explanation of all this - this guys are covering up crime and lie.

  • On herd immunity


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  • On US travel rates

    On the day before Thanksgiving, typically one of the busiest travel days of the year in the United States, more than a million people travelled through US airports - the most of any single day since the start of the pandemic, according to the Transportation Security Administration.

    Nearly 6 million Americans traveled by air from Friday to Wednesday, it said, a number that is however less than half that of the same period last year.

  • Flu vaccines still not reached their targets, even in EU


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  • Killing lot of old people because total impotence of management


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