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Coronavirus: How capitalists made collapse in Mordor
  • Back into horrible totalitarian socialist nightmare the flu epidemic looked as follows - you got high temperature, you called specific number, this day or early next day you got doctor visit at home (your local one who you usually know perfect), and after inspection doctor wrote down all prescription and also wrote document for you to legally be able not to go to work (medical leave). Doctor later visited you 1-3 times and closed all documents, you visited any building with lot of people only in case of severe complications.

    Capitalists really did not like this thingy, too much people, too expensive and workers, as they think, are morons, they will always cheat to not go to work.

    So, they started no indexing salaries, and as older people left and new one never appeared - they closed the visiting doctors places. In some regions managed to close 80%, in some 60-70%. At the same time they build lot of very dense new buildings without any additional doctors. So, for new areas it can be around 1/20-1/50 of actual requirement of doctors, but who cares as huge profits of selling tiny flats via credit system cloud all the vision.

    So, with each seasonal flu they already forced most people to visit local polyclinic, wait many hours in huge mass gatherings, made it much harder and longer to get papers and require now head doctor to sign any medical leave papers (remember - workers are morons and enemies!). As result - now they had special number they can reach with official "flu" diagnosis, no more, all else must be uncertain "respiratory syndrome".

    Here comes COVID, as they did not manage to get any training or easy to understand (for doctor) prescriptions and explanations - they managed to cause total collapse (from patient perspective) in October. Waiting time for ER reached 7 days, waiting time for doctor 4-10 days, waiting time to get PCR test 3-5 days (if you are notgoing to hospital right now!), and result of PCR can come in 2 weeks time. No one cares, no responsibility for anything. Huge crowds are everywhere in any polyclinic or hospital using public transport to get to the place, spreading virus as much as they can.

    To keep system more or less afloat they nearly tripled medics salaries that managed to just keep them at their jobs, not to make it much better or get more people out of the blue. It also caused many doctors wanting to not service usual patients and go serving only COVID ones (as much more profitable).

    Whole system started to process people with complications who did not get any medicine help for 8-12 days or who ate some stuff they saw on TV (do not worry local capitalists also advertised stuff that is costly and useless ala remdesivir in developed countries).

    Interesting local poll with question - if you have caught and temperature above 39 degrees Celsius what you will do ?

    • 1999 year answer - 92% - call for doctor visit and be home until I get better, as medical leave will pay it in full.
    • 2019 year answer - 87% - go to work no matter that, as owner and manager repeatedly stated that they don't like any medical leave and I can lose my job even if under law it is unlawful.
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  • @zcream

    Was it really better then?

    Yes, at they had been busy destroying manufacturing at a time, did not have time to fully destroy medicine.

  • 99 was Yeltsin years. Was it really better then?