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Good design: Wehrmachtskanister
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    Had been designed in Germany, started being used since 1940, but almost instantly US copied it 1:1 and started also producing it.

    Presently manufactured in large amounts still (80 years since first big production batch).

    I have exactly such even today myself.

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  • You use this for what? Milk or petrol?

  • @zcream

    Petrol, it is designed for it.

  • @zcream....a new one would serve well for milk, however light weight plastic container might not last as long, but they'd be lighter....which if @Vitaliy ran out of gas on a deserted siberian offroad, or if someone's carry milk from village to village in himachal pradesh, lighter would be better ...far better. And actually I grew up with these in rural texas. They're always so dirty, no one wants to even touch it, much less drink milk from it.

  • I've been using this a lot for generators.