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Z-CAM E2 cameras lineup production can suddenly stop
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    Huge train-wreck seems to be happening with little amazing Z-CAM team.

    All E2 cinema cameras are based on main LSI chip made by HiSilicon (Hi3559A V100 and may be few more models). For reference - HiSilicon is chip design branch of big Huawei corporation. Hisilicon designes all the main LSI (called Kirin) for Huawei smarphones.

    Right now Huawei is on the first front lines of China-US trade war, with US promising to leave only burning ashes from smartphone market leader.

    Since last US punch it is more correct to say now that they designed/made such chips and can't do it anymore. US put extreme sanctions on Hisilicone specifically - now they can't use any contract manufacturers (as 100% of them use US intellectual property, equipment or software) and can't keep even be using US software to design chips themselves.

    Such way Z-CAM cameras suddenly won't have their heart available for company, and this also concerns any already made, sold or awaiting to be sold camera, as servicing issues and lack of parts can prevent company from keeping their warranty obligations. On small market of semi-pro and professional cinema cameras this alone is making your product unacceptable for any serious production.

    Company now tries to hide this information from potential buyers, cleaning it instantly from the Facebook group and trying to prevent its leak to camera related press.

    It will be real tragedy if we'll have such interesting company (that had been able to withstand very hard climate) will be going out of business as collateral damage in the US-China trade war.

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  • Bloomberg part on issue

    Washington first barred Huawei from buying America technology, including chips, in 2019. It didn’t take long for suppliers to find a loophole though. A rule exempting goods that are 75% produced outside the U.S. allowed companies such as Micron Technology to continue selling to Huawei.

    U.S. authorities, over the protest of American suppliers, ultimately closed that loophole in May of this year by expanding its ban to include chips made using American equipment. With gear from U.S. companies such as Applied Materials and Lam Research ubiquitous across the semiconductor industry, it significantly ratcheted up the pressure on Huawei.

    But again, there appeared to be a loophole. Washington’s restrictions seemed to leave room for Huawei to buy chips made by non-American companies such as Mediatek. Indeed, shares of the Taiwanese chipmaker surged on speculation that a wave of Huawei orders were on the horizon. Until this week, that is.

    Recently the U.S. expanded its restrictions to include chipmakers based anywhere in the world that use American software or equipment to produce semiconductors (all 100% of them except few domestic military ones that use very old processing norms).

    Jefferies analysts including Edison Lee wrote in a note to clients that closing this loophole “puts Huawei’s survival at risk.”

  • image HiSilicon Hi3559A V100 price

    At this special time for hisilicon, the price for 3559A is 435 bucks each, it used to be 100 to 120 bucks back in the days when supply was stable.

    From Adam Werton post.

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  • What does CEO say?

  • @balldawg14

    Instantly deleted and banned all info in official group, in private he keeps silence. Things must be really really bad, as otherwise it had been 2 minutes to explain.

  • I see all posts now must be approved before being posted. Seems like big change in direction.

  • @balldawg14

    I see all posts now must be approved before being posted. Seems like big change in direction.

    Weather changed for Z-CAM and Chinese manufacturers overall, talking to many they still do not get that some of them will be thrown out as soon as January or even sooner, and most probably it will be united EU/Australia/NZ/UK/Brazil decisions.

  • Due to the U.S. government has tightened its sanctions against the Chinese manufacturer Huawei, more and more employees of the chip division HiSilicon are leaving the “sinking ship“.

    Both middle and senior HiSilicon employees are about to leave the company.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev How many years would it take to China to build his own chip industry without relying on Us patents ?

  • One of the things constantly mentioned is the audio gaps made during file splitting.

    Recent rumor is that E2 team just do not have code for this parts, so they use compiled library provided by HiSilicon (with usual almost full lack of documentation) and this is why they can't fix simplest issue.

    Same is true for very strange thing with all E2 cameras being picky to various, even good SSDs.

    Z-CAM team just don't work on the necessary level to make proper buffering also also use same compiled libraries and can't fix the issue.

  • @Faudel

    For now we don't even know if China will make it as single country through this long and hard trade war.

    One of huge US advantages is thinking very long term and Chinese middle and top level management flaw is extreme pursuit of profits now.

  • Interesting is that Xiaomi Youpin also collects money for device they have issue delivering


    Using Huawei HiSilicon H13559.

    Also developers I talked told that it is true that HiSilicon chips documentation sis mostly lacking and horrible quality. Libraries are being written by very low level developers and are full of bugs, due to fear of other Chinese companies copy almost all of them are closed.

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  • I think china will takeover Taiwan if pushed. The joint china-taiwan tech sector can survive independently.

  • Prices of Huawei handsets at Shenzhen wholesale market Huaqiangbei have gone up 100 yuan to 300 yuan as dealers expect the firm’s access to chips to run dry.

    Huawei CEO Guo Ping says that US sanctions affecting the firm’s high-end Kirin chips will ‘cause certain difficulties’ but he is optimistic about resolving them.

    The Post spoke to four third-party dealers in Huaqiangbei, all of whom said the prices of Huawei models are rising day-by-day. “The reason is simple – Huawei cannot get chips for their smartphones. The supply is limited,” said one vendor, Lu Jinwei.

    At a recent event for new employees, Huawei CEO Guo Ping painted a relatively optimistic picture of the company’s future. “The company is in normal condition,” Guo said, according to a transcript released on Xinsheng Shequ, Huawei’s official employee community platform, on Wednesday. “The issue is just how, when faced with restrictions to advanced components, we can overcome this obstacle and establish our own lasting technological capabilities as well as a stable and credible supply chain.”

    “The restrictions on Kirin chips will cause certain difficulties, especially for our high-end smartphones, but I believe we can resolve them,” he added. To survive, Guo said that the company will continue investing in its chip design arm HiSilicon, while also helping front-end partners such as those supporting its IT services to build their capabilities.

    “The US cannot defeat Huawei, only Huawei can defeat itself … if these problems are not handled well, we will fail and die.

    If Z-CAM CEO won't handle problems well - company will fail and die.

    Btw I got private email from ex Z-CAM worker who kept contacts inside company and it fully agree with my initial post, situation is dire but top management talk with unfounded optimistic fairy tales manner.

  • Got new interesting email. Guy who also buys such chips told that situation is much worse and you literally can't get them (at least he can't). Lot of Alibaba listings and alike offers are just resellers doing listings using automated software and not having stock.

    Facebook message in Chinese told that it is big panic in Z-CAM. For now they don't have any plan how to fix it. All of their cameras use this chips and most engineers/developers are good in using this HiSilicon LSI and corresponding SDK/libraries. Moving to any other solution (it is no 8K cheap solution on the market now) will mean delay in 1-2 years and company won't make it such far.

  • Checked Chinese internal analytics

    It is expected that Huawei mobile department and HiSilicone will cease to exist around August 2021. Only small team working on special military mobile solutions will be kept under different company name.

  • Got message from one of the people who wanted to buy E2 from local dealers (not in US)

    He called them and asked about this issue and service. He told that never heard so much obscene words and not towards the questions, but towards the firm and their top management. As it looks like they feed dealers with same manner as users. And in finale they told him Kinefinity dealer phone to call and buy this instead. Total mess.

  • Some local Huawei dealers got warning messages

    Huawei will be sharply dropping supply of smartphones and some other devices. Estimates are around 30% in Q4 2020, 60-70% in Q1 2021 and 84-99% since Q2 2021.

    Drastic cuts come to Huawei and HiSilicon

    Few messages tell that almost everyone in marketing and engineering departments is looking for new job. Most won't be able to stay in the smartphones niche and will agree to 40-50% of salary reduction.

    HiSilicon will see biggest amount of cuts in October already, developers and support teams for Z-CAM chips can cease to exist as early as November.

    Some of Z-CAM dealers are very worried

    Got one message that their top management refused to provide any warranty of stock availability and of service availability since November 2020. The guy was scared as he had been told that if he will tell such information consequences for his firm will follow but he still decided to send message as it is little hard to scare someone if he is almost sure that will never do business with you anymore.

  • Korean NAND and DRAM manufacturers are stopping shipping since September 15th

    Both Huawei and HiSIlicon won't get any new products from Korea, as well as all directly related companies.

    This also means big shortage of such products on Chinese internal market as Huawei could only now add to their stock via buying stock from someone else (and usually smaller resellers whoa re not afraid of big risk associated with it).

    In turn it can lead to significant Chinese products prices rise for medium and small companies.

    In the end of September of early October both BBK and Xiaomi can join the ban list as industry analytics are talking. Total ban on NAND and DRAM for Chinese companies can follow closer to November elections.

  • Samsung Display and LG Display also stopped shipping all displays to Huawei

    As displays still have chips inside them companies decide not to risk huge fines from US.

    Sanctions will spread to Xiaomi and BBK later in the year as rumors int he industry go.

  • Bad luck for Z-CAM

    Had new interesting chat on that happens in US-China escalating conflict.

    Next US target will be all manufacturers of chips and components used in security and industrial cameras (including military ones). And this mean exactly chip used by Z-CAM as it is being used in premium security cameras (yes, they have 4K and 8K security cameras at industrial and top security objects).

    Around half a year ago in one talk guy from China, who been inside for some time, he accidentally told (as we talked on their nice fast developments) that Z-CAM actually made specially modified batch for Chinese military production. Don't have any documented proofs, as it must be totally secret thing and it had been little boasting from his side, accidental one.

  • Huawei issues with service

    Due to problems with displays supply, some chips and main LSI availability most existing Huawei smartphones won't be serviced since November-December and issues with repair or replacements already begun in September.

    In EU and certain other countries this can lead to big fees payments and attempts to replace any defective phone with new more expensive model, this is bad idea as Huawei also do not have much spare parts to assembly new smartphones.

    This is big warning to all Z-CAM owners, as with fast developing situation they can be one on one with their camera that no one will be able to repair.

  • New Huawei rumors

    Industry insiders tell that Huawei failed to make enough of Kirin 5nm chips and can be forced to postpone Mate 40 flagman smartphone lineup. Most probably it will never see any light or at best will be released in China as some special limited series.

    Back to Z-CAM

    Got one another very angry dealer message :-) Most words won't pass any censorship, even very soft one.

  • Today is the day

    Now only thing that matters is that stock of main LSI Z-CAM still have (it also issue with few other chips used in camera).

    I am sure we'll see in coming months attempt to play bad hand with stone face, explaining camera shortages and disappearing models with any reason rather than actual.

  • Small update from Chinese industry talks

    Lot of companies can be hit and go out of business, it is security cameras, some smart things, smart appliances, tablets, smartphones and more.

    People who work with HiSilicon tell only bad things as they did not care about anyone but their parent company - Huawei.

    To Z-CAM buyers

    Demand some signed papers considering servicing and make sure to have written demand compensation or new replacement cameras in case Z-CAM won't be able to service your broken device at all.

    Make sure to check your local dealers and call to each and talk about Z-CAM service process and time it takes for even simple fix.

  • More Huawei troubles

    All China-based chipmakers have quietly suspended their shipments to Huawei, as well as the joint development projects they had been working with the Chinese vendor, amid concerns about being targeted for breaching US trade restrictions.

    This is how opportunism always end up.