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Panasonic DC-S5 - expensive APS-C camera in disguise
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  • in my view the annunced price is only to give people the idea of a premium camera. But as soon as available to the store, the S5 will benefit of some kind of cashback around 400 eur/usd. In Italy the S1 from the official distributor sells for 1750 eur and around 1550 for the China imported. Can't see how the S5 can be sold at higher price.

  • Does the s5 ,sh1 and s1 use the same sensor? Also its same sensor on F6 z cam .

  • So..... ehhhmmm... s5 content creator and s1h filmmakers?

    What and stupid concept, specially when those specs are not being properly implemented in camera like AUTOFOCUS for “content creators” lol that name is funny.

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  • Is it right time to buy second Lumix S1 body instead S5?

    Think twice... At least from still photographer point of view S1 is still shining.

    But in that comparison no word about nice video features that has new S5 : 100 fps important for 50Hz counties, timelapse 2-5-10-15 fps in video mode - great for hyperlapse, anamorphic, timecode, waveform monitor, more formats to select, quality FHD, continuous recordable time 4K UHD 50p 110 min (instead 30 at S1), max length of single file UHD 50p 50 min, articulated screen, selfie, auto detection (eye), dual SDXC, WIFI 5G.

    Pros of Lumix S1: better balanced with long and heavy lenses,bigger battery with longer battery worktime, bigger and sharper screen and EVF, better stabilization, big full HDMI port, 96Mb super high resolution mode photo mode.

  • Better stabilization ??? And I think the S5 will have high resolution mode : page 9 / REC /2nd line

  • I heard (seen in some preproduction doc) that stabilization of S5 about half stop less than S1. Not super high resolution photo mode like 96Mb @S1. We’ll see soon.

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  • Translation from Japanese

    • It is equipped with a full-size 24.2M CMOS sensor and Venus engine equipped with “dual native ISO” that responds to original color reproduction and suppresses noise to achieve excellent high-sensitivity image quality.
    • While equipped with the high video performance of the S series, such as 4K60p video recording and unlimited recording time, it has achieved a highly mobile body size.
    • Smooth and flexible 4K60p recording, and expressive power of 4K/FHD 10bit recording with abundant color gradation. Equipped with various video recording formats optimized for various video expressions.
    • If you set 4K 60p/30p/24p 10bit, you can record a movie for about 30 minutes, and under the recommended environment, you can resume recording immediately. With 4K 30p/24p 8bit and FHD settings, you can record without time limit (with temperature limit) and support long-time uncut shooting.
    • 14+stop cinema camera class wide dynamic range and V-Log / V-Gamut realize high level color reproduction from highlight to shadow.
    • By strengthening AF tracking and adding new “head recognition” to “face/pupil recognition”/”human body recognition”, we will continue to capture the movement of the subject while responding to the expression intention of the photographer.
    • With 6.5 steps of image stabilization performance, “Dual I.S. 2” strongly assists the expression of photos and images in various shooting scenes.
    • High S/N ratio and regular ISO sensitivity of 51200 provides excellent high-sensitivity endurance. The high-sensitivity image quality that can be achieved with the full-size CMOS sensor and Venus engine, beautifully depicts the subject even in the dark.
    • A super-high-definition world of high-resolution mode (equivalent to 96 million pixels) that allows you to pursue details. Realizes an amazing resolution that cannot be obtained with a single shot. You can get a new photographic expression.
    • Live view composite that records natural phenomena that occur in front of you with beautiful light trails. You can leave it as a photographic work without leaving the passage of time.
    • Photo style that allows you to create a picture that matches your expression intention. Equipped with 9 color styles and 3 monochromes, you can seamlessly set color settings from still images to movies.
    • The slow & quick mode (S & Q), which can be quickly accessed from the mode dial, can record up to 2.5 times slower at 4K, slower (60 fps), and up to 5 times slower (120 fps) at FHD while tracking AF. It can record up to 7.5 times slower (180fps).
    • Equipped with a newly developed compact mechanical shutter with a maximum of 1/8000 seconds.
    • 1.84 million dot free angle monitor
    • 2.36 million dot OLED finder.
    • Dustproof and splashproof specification-Robustness of magnesium alloy frame.
    • Supports a new battery (DMW-BLK22) for long-time shooting and a battery grip (sold separately) (DMW-BGS5).
  • Good big tip for any buyers and preorders!

    Stay away for now, do not preorder, for one month at least!!!

    Remember - you are looking at APS-C 4K camera (as all good video modes are such cropped only) with old LSI and very budget construction.

    Panasonic thrown almost all money for marketing, bloggers and all for this camera (with cost to produce below $1000). As far as one man told me they will be first time tracking in realtime online orders (in 6 leading shops) per each blogger or youtube channel basis. Let them eat it all. They are desperate as they need to show sold bodies numbers that is now 4 times below their target for 2020.

    I had been told that if initial orders feedback won't be nice camera will be discounted up to $1199. As they hope to sell lot unsold batches of lenses with average margins for L mount being in 350% region.

  • I wonder in end if this is a better video camera than A7siii

  • @sammy

    In the end it is quite bad APS-C only (in proper 4K modes) video camera due to crop.

    • Poor contrast-detect autofocus
    • Poor electronic viewfinder

    S5 is much more cheaply made and not the camera and especially not the system you want to have if you are seriously doing video.

  • @sammy

    also this cam is asking to be hacked

    Why you think so?

    It has bad sensor, bad old LSI (main reason or 4K APS-C) and cheapened construction.

    Plus it belong for almost dead system that can be wiped (silently!) as soon as... February, in case of any new significant COVID cases rise.

  • it now so complex how dynamics of marketing bad timing a virus and lies can encourage such a level of desperation in big old companies. You need o have lots of data and analysis before buying any shit they literally throw at you by forced publicity.

    i work for publicity and really understand some dynamics on this, dear humans we have reached level of no return already, grab to your seats!

  • In another news Sony has just dropped the price of A7iii in UK by £500. Looks like the price war is heating up. Good times for the consumers!

  • Notice exactly same reviewers team

  • Small numbers from inside Panasonic

    • Youtube infuencers now allow to produce around 35% of all online preorders*
    • Another 25% comes from mix of some Youtube "review" and some written "review"*
    • Usual review sites are down to 17% of all preorders (Amazon controlled dpreview here gives more than 50% now)*
    • Panasonic controls main core contents and tone for important parts for 100% of all early reviews and previews
      • For most famous infuencers it is not necessary to control them literally, they know all rules and contact proper people themselfs if they have question on how to cover certain complex thing or issue, they know all consequences that will follow if they break even single rule
    • Third party (but Panasonic controlled) firms help to reach necessary and good looking views count for camera review videos
    • Advanced bots are being used on social media and in Youtube comments to further push the material
    • All Panasonic affilated people and sometimes their family members (in last 2 years) must be active in social media and Youtube comments to further help here
    • Number of average income photo enthusiasts preordering Panasonic cameras is dropping fast, in 2010 they had been 3x more represented in the preorders crowd
    • Main focus for Youtube "stars" now is rich part of amateurs with age below 55 years, it has certain consequences, like check on language you will use and such things, so they adapt here.
    • Pre COVID special meetings for infuencers had been specially arranged in good exotic places like islands to help sale cameras to older (>55 years) rich travelers. Panasonic have special plan for post COVID travel with special promotions, prepared videos and special program for infuencers to allow them to shoot in most of popular places.

    Note - research made for Panasonic management, numbers only during initial 5 days after announcement (or after preorders start if it is shifted):

  • Look how unsure Panasonic is

    Panasonic will carry out a cashback campaign targeting the body alone and lens kit of Panasonic S5 mirrorless, offer will work from the release date of September 25.

    By purchasing the product by December 6th and applying from the dedicated application form by December 31st, you can receive cashback of up to 30,000 yen.


    In US and EU Panasonic idea is to hold it longer for more profits.

  • More of cashback and sales

    Large online retailer plans are as follows:

    • $1299 price during few hot sales days (other shop talked even about $1199), $1599-1699 price during smaller sales
    • If sales will be not good it will be extra $400 discount if you buy good zoom lens
    • Or can be $300 cashback where you will need to send serial from box via usual mail (as such way company usually pay only around 30-40% compared to instant one).