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SIGMA fp Cinema Camera with CinemaDNG raw
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  • This video is an introduction of Cine functions update of the SIGMA fp presented by Mr. Takuma Wakamatsu, a SIGMA product planner. In this video, you will find informative information exclusively for the updated cine functions of SIGMA fp.

  • Full list of v2.0 changes

    Newly introduced functionality

    • Supports cinemagraph creation and playback
    • Supports CinemaDNG footage playback
    • Supports still capture during live view and movie shooting in Cine mode
    • Supports still image capture from movie files (CinemaDNG, MOV) shot with the SIGMA fp
    • Supports HDR in movie shooting
    • Supports still and movie shooting in Director's Viewfinder mode
    • Supports DCI 4K 12bit / HDMI Raw output
    • Supports RAW over HDMI recording with Atomos Ninja V monitor-recorder * A free AtomOS firmware update for Ninja V is required. 
    • Supports recording Blackmagic RAW codec over HDMI with Blackmagic Video Assist 12G models * Requires firmware update of Video Assist 12G models using Video Assist Update 3.3.
    • Camera movement control is now compatible with ZHIYUN Weebill S gimbal.  * Firmware update of the corresponding device is required. * Please refer to ZHIYUN firmware release information about functions supported. Since not all functions will be supported in this firmware update, both SIGMA and ZHIYUN will need to continue working on this to make more and more functions compatible in future firmware updates. 
    • Instruction message appears when attempting to use greyed-out items in SHOOT menu
    • Supports camera control in USB mode * The SDK (Software Development Kit) for controlling the camera is scheduled to be available by early July.

    Enhanced/modified functionality

    • Supports Dual Base ISO (ISO100 and ISO3200)
    • Improves AF performance
    • Improves accuracy with evaluative exposure metering
    • Improves image quality
    • Supports CinemaDNG 25 and 29.97 fps (UHD 12bit) shooting
    • Supports CinemaDNG 100 fps (FHD 12bit) shooting
    • Supports CinemaDNG 100 and 119.88 fps (FHD 8bit and 10bit) shooting
    • 'OFF' option available in Color mode
    • Exposure adjustment available in QS (Quick Set)
    • Tone control setting 'Auto (Mild / Strong)' available during movie shooting
    • Supports USB Video Class (UVC) settings adjustments while the fp is connected to USB
    • Supports time code generation
    • Compatible with BWF format
    • Supports file size changes at aspect ratio 7:6
    • Supports changes to shutter sound effect

    Bug corrections

    • Corrects the phenomenon of flickering in dark areas when shooting video footage
    • Corrects bugs in USB Video Class (UVC) setting when connected via USB or during movie shooting
    • Improves recording stability with recording media
    • Other minor bugs have been corrected
  • The camera that keeps tempting me to switch just became more tempting. If they step up their auto focus performance, I may jump over.

  • AF is much better now with new firmware. With the Lumix S 24-105, AF is pretty fast even at night. OIS with this lens is nice

  • All 12bit DNG RAW 4K 30P videos shot with the Canon EF 35mm F2 lens in FF and Crop modes.

    Sound test (internal mics):

    ISO 800 and ISO 3200 (Dual ISO Test):

  • have they still not added Log DNG? or the banding from 6k to 4k conversion? or are you doomed to need to buy an external recorder?

  • @hardimpact

    What is "Log DNG" and in that drug session you saw it?

  • Lol. It’s was definitely drug session Log DNG RAW is the future. Nada have been talking about it since the release of the interstellar approach from h265 to the raw cominity to EXPORT the knowledge of LOG to raw.

  • Log in low bits can store more dynamic range. Arri uses Log C in their RAW. It's much better. This is why the Sigma FP doesn't have as good dynamic range as its brother cameras using the same sensor. S1, S1H, Z6 etc. I was crossing my fingers they'd add a firmware update to it. You have to understand, its 12 bit RAW in Linear can only store so many values. If it had 14 or 16 bit RAW Linear, that would be another story. I also wonder if they ever fixed the 8 bit RAW green colors in the shadows? -green meanie

    What happened to "Sigma confirms Log picture profile via firmware update"? :(

  • @hardware

    As soon as you use Log it is no longer raw, it is bullshit. raw files have linear signal by definition.

    Companies can use log to use it as compression method (very simple and bad one). But mostly to try to avoid some RED patents on raw.

    Both Apple ProRes raw and BM raw are not raw files at all, it is just marketing terms.

  • @Vitaliy Yes! The sensor raw data are linear. Period.

    And furthermore, what is this nonsense about banding and green (they forgot to mention moire)? Look at the damn videos, do these armchair geeks see any of that? Three videos in all kinds of light and they talk about something they read on the internet. And what moron would shoot 8bit RAW? Someone who can't afford an ssd drive?

  • I agree on Prores and BM RAW. They are partially de-bayered to not be sued by RED, lol. Perhaps RED is the only one that can do real linear RAW.

  • The new firmware has a color profile OFF setting, which is the closest you can get to LOG. According to Sigma fp user group, there will be no log profile due to sensor limitations.

    My 9 year old GH2 batteries still working on fp :)

  • @jleo Thanks! perhaps the 'off' setting will get its dynamic range into Panasonic S1H territory. If they fix the 6k to 4k moire, they should be good to go. I'm going to go look for any youtube videos that use the 'off' profile.

  • Timur Civan workflow from Sigma fp to ArriLOG to Rec709, increased dynamic range

    The fp footage seemed to take on better image reproduction qualities and seemed to perform nearly as well as the much more expensive and impressively specced Panasonic S1h.

  • Here we go again. The "Off" profile is irrelevant to DNG RAW. No profile is baked into the DNG RAW clips.

    The profile does affect the zebras and waveform while shooting. The "Off" profile provides more accurate exposure shooting RAW. My three videos were shot using the "Off" profile for that purpose.

    Again, you got now four videos uploaded here. Does anyone see any moire? evidence of any artifacts?

  • You can shoot 4K DNG RAW onto an sd card (a fast UHS-II) with the Sigma fp. It is 8bit, however. You still get the maximum dynamic range, no color subsampling (so like 4:4:4), no compression artifacts or artificial sharpening or blurring noise reduction, and the maximum color gamut. So, how bad is it? I accidentally shot 4K 25P 8bit DNG RAW onto my sd card when I forgot to connect the attached ssd. Here is what I got:

  • Not sure if its 100% off topic, but ProRes Raw is not partially de-bayered as someone said above. Braw is, and thus not 'raw'. ProRes Raw confuses people because it is at its best in FCPX and doesn't have the same control set as redraw or other codecs might in resolve, but it is absolutely 'real' raw.

  • @kellar42 What is the gamma for ProRes Raw? If it is not linear, then processing is going on and is baked in. What else is processed from the raw stream? Is there lossy compression? How can ProResRAW files be smaller than DNG RAW files for the same resolution and bitrate if there is no processing? If it is just exactly RAW, then why would anyone who can shoot CNG RAW, an open standard, want a proprietary form of RAW?

  • @markr041 ProRes Raw is linear. You can work from a log conversion in FCPX, which might confuse the point, but the format is linear. Compression is nearly lossless at HQ. I don't know what is going on under the hood, nor am I a compressed raw expert, but I know there is no debayer or partial debayer happening in camera. Data rates are better because its better or newer compression, I would guess. Advantages? File sizes and existing prores workflows. Certainly if you are an FCPX user ProRes raw makes working with raw pretty easy and doesn't add a great deal of system strain. The amount of streams, render times, export times, etc all blow competing formats out the water, again, in FCPX.

  • @kellar42 I am sorry, if you do not know then you do not know. ProRes Raw is not simply "better" compression of real RAW video because it is "newer." I am not an expert either, but that is certainly not true.

    The fault is not us; the problem is that Apple and Atomos are simply not being transparent about what processing is going on. There are reports there is noise reduction, which reduces detail but also allows more compression. Some people claim they see this. I don't know, but what I an sure of is it is not simply a better lossless compression algorithm. Or is it?

    The real question is other than files size, given that Slimraw can reduce DNG RAW to 30 to 40%, why should one invest in this "new" sauce requiring bulking up the rig, worrying about multiple batteries, etc. DNG RAW works effortlessly in DaVinci Resolve. No one is complaining about processing DNG RAW. I am not. Easier processing is hardly a justification - uncompressed video is really easy to process no matter what the packaging. Again, I do not know more than you on this topic, but you seem not to know much too.