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Panasonic G9, m43 4K monster with LCD on top
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  • A question about this last video, showing Eye Af in video: looks like the camera is in AFS mode, how could it track the face dynamically while recording? It should not be in AFC?

  • Will it be crazy to change from the A6500 to the G9?

    10bit, better IBIS, better color, better rolling shutter, no overheating, better designed body, and more.

    Do it!

  • I do like the Sony resolution. It is super sharp. But we mostly use Lumix here, with a couple of Sony's mixed in.

  • G9 dnamic range is shown as 10.6 Vs gh1 at 11.6 . Is that true? Is DR less than gh1/gh2?

  • Do you use G9 with Vlog and Vlog assist? Im using one the same Lut and getting different results (brightnes)

    In camera .tln image is much brighter then In Ninja and in NLE (looks correct)

    Interestingly when I set Vlog assist to HDME out in G9 and disable LUT in Ninja. In G9 is still brighter (about 1/2 2/3 stop Very visible in shadows wit low key)

    I cant see any setting to fix this. Is this regular issue or only in mine any one notis this?