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What do we know about the novel coronavirus?
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  • @Vitaliy....Three months ago trumpster was a shoe in. Not anymore. And I can't think of two more opposite sources than the intercept and forbes, both selling the same pov. the USa might not even have an election, but if they do, trump will probably loose due to his inept corona response. Today every major american news source is questioning trumps corona strategy, what he knew and when he knew it.

  • @kurth

    "Good" scientists :-)

    First, scientists recommend opening up windows to improve air flow. The team from the University of California, Davis and University of Oregon also say letting more natural light into a room will help create a healthier environment.


    And what if all people in same house, including sick ones, will do them same?

    Viruses can survive on a surface, like an office table, but experts aren’t sure how long SARS-CoV-2 stays alive. It could be hours or even days if the item isn’t frequently disinfected.

    And again same shite.

    Scientists say the more air coming into a building from the outside can dilute the amount of virus particles floating around your office. The review warns that even the best air filters can allow virus particles into a closed-off building.

    Smart suggestion :-)

    Until those offices reopen, social distancing, regularly washing hands, and keeping your home well-lit and well-ventilated is the best advice researchers have to stay healthy during the pandemic.

    You don't need scientists for this, at least you must not pay them for such advices.

    Capitalist scientists are now lie group of impotents, they want to do something with the virus, but do not have brains and working instruments. They can just copy and past.

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  • One big issue

    Mass media must start to report not only coronavirus patients, but all other patients, all other causes of death in same day, as well as counts of all people who couldn't be in hospital despite serious illness.

    As for now it seems like same people who never cared for our health suddenly started patronizing everyone and telling how much they care.

    Rephrasing Carlin - they are all-powerful, all-perfect, all-knowing, and all-wise, somehow just can't handle simple masks!

  • Not wading into most of this but my grandpa in California got taken to the Corona ward before testing negative and turning out to be some kind of blood infection that hit his lungs and now he has a more normal pneumonia...holding up well at 86 and now back home and negative for Corona (as he was in a spot with an empty corona ward, luckily) but the point is Vitaliy's thoughts from the last page have some anecdotal backup from my experience this week.

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  • Brazil Hydroxy trial halted because they used too high of a dosage.... ""Almost half the study participants were given a dose of 450 milligrams of chloroquine twice daily for five days, while the rest were prescribed a higher dose of 600 milligrams for 10 days. Within three days, researchers started noticing heart arrhythmias in patients taking the higher dose. By the sixth day of treatment, 11 patients had died, leading to an immediate end to the high-dose segment of the trial.""

  • One of the new chips in this year’s crop of iPhones is the U1; it provides Ultra Wideband (UWB) connectivity that, in conjunction with Internet of Things (IoT) technology, could offer a myriad of new services for enterprises and consumers.

    As Apple puts it, UWB technology offers “spatial awareness" – the ability for your phone to recognize its surroundings and the objects in it.

    It is just random coincidence that UWM and Bluetooth LE’s proximity profile (PXP) are techs that companie worked extra hard on during last 2 years. And put them inside phone as top priority.

    And it is also random that Google and Apple had almost ready and tested mass tracking technologi with perfectly working server side. Accident.

  • On Monday, governor Cuomo was joined on a conference call by the other Northeast governors. The recovery must be careful, incremental and guided by experts rather than politics, Cuomo said, and the pandemic won’t be truly “over” until a vaccine is available, which could take as long as 18 months. Ideally, a plan would also involve widespread testing, he said, to allow those without the virus – and those who have recovered and may now be resistant to it – to return to work first.

    New number now is 18 months, promoted by most officials.

    Stay tuned, this slowly can become 3-4 years.

  • Also carefully track education reformat going worldwide

    NY and most US schools won;t reopen till the end of this year.

    Same fate seems to be common for most countries. We can already see fast education quality drop, and sharp dividing of online education into two segments - very low quality education for the poor and middle class, and good quality with individual teaching for top class.

    Since 2021 we can officially have only paid education with low quality obline courses available for free as reminder of right that we had.

  • Mordor education

    In last for 2 years we had quite interesting developments before all this came in, in high education area.

    Main official plan had been to leave only few universities offline and move all other universities online where their teachers will have only right to answer qualtions and help students while they will be watching recorded official approved courses (made in few leading universities). Of course, really rich students will have completely different way of learning.

    No one understood all this logic and stupid approach.

    Now it all looks like complete fit.

  • Class view on coronavirus thingy

    Both US and China had been right before major economic crisis. Trade wars are just one of the indicators of emerging issue. Crisis started in October 2019 since issues on REPO market, virus had been released in late October/November.

    Economic crisis is same overproduction crisys we had during Great Depression. But it is much worse as you no longer can use Keynsian methods as usual without causing hyperinflation or collapse.

    So, ruling class came with fresh idea of releasing artificial virus, not too bad one, but bad enough.
    My present view is that US and China made it together.

    Ruling class uses mass media and this virus to stop all major economies.

    What are main goals?

    • Destroy most of small and middle business to allow large one to survive and propsper later
    • Significantly lower cost of labor force (hence corporations will be able to improve profits)
    • Almost eliminate all expenses for education and medicine (except coronavirus), also nice for profits
    • Quickly concentrate all medical forces under pretence of coronavirus fight to later form set of huge monopolies
    • Sell all remaining stock of goods while lot of production will stop
    • Under pretence of "saving" inject trillions of dollars to solve immediate dangers of credit bubble (large business only), and it won't result in hyperinflation as you same time cut consumption by trillions of dollars
    • Keep total control of any protests using sale-isolation, mass media inducing horror to prevent group gatherings, police and total tracking
    • Readjust global trading agreements and contracts (already happens for 2 years)

    If you think that they suddenly care about 1-3% of population (despite never caring about larger numbers that can be saved by much simpler measures) - think again.

    What went wrong

    • Ruling class made error with timing, China had unusual weather
    • Spreading of virus is much slower than anticipated, something is not working too good
    • Their expected peaks in US and EU must had been in late January and February (after smae peak in CHina during late December)
    • Weather now already prevents spreading and this part of equation play stronger role each day
    • Lockdowns now also allow to hide real unaffected dynamics that can be almost same as we have today

    What went right

    • Mass media usage is unprecedened since WWI and early Cold War, no questions are allowed
    • We still do not have any effecient treatment
    • Ordinary flu if you sit inside, in big stress, do not have money for good food causes damage 10-15x compared to normal healphy life. This is that we also have here, huge stress induced by media, instead of ratinality, science and real hope. Hence all the idiotism with masks.
    • Using of ventilators must be independently viewed and examined
    • Real antivirus work had been replaced by corporations competition and fake computer simulations
    • Ruling class still mostly do not have any plans to use hotels and other appropriate spaces, yes it is nice to make show out of usage of some NY facilities, but hotels are much mroe suitable for this illness.

    Things important to understand

    • Ruling class perfectly knows this virus, research time had been at least 5-6 years
    • Ruling class already have both efficient treatment and vaccine, both tested on good sample bases
    • Only part that had been missing is spreadng under real conditions (and this is where things went wrong)
    • Ruling class could not allow any major error, as error here means death, hence first two points

    Note that ruling class throwed media under the train, within this year most of them will loose any remaining credibility. So, stay tuned and watch carefully as you will see new methods and new sources of information.

  • And this is also accident

    Amazon’s affiliate program members are getting less money starting on April 21st. E-commerce giant has notified Amazon Associates — affiliates that link to products on its website in exchange for a percentage of the sales — that it’s slashing commission rates across various categories. The changes are quite significant in some cases: The furniture and home improvement category’s affiliate cut fell from 8 percent to 3 percent, for instance, while grocery items’ commission rate is now down to 1 percent from 5 percent.

    It just randomly happened.

  • @Vitaliy...there's still no proof nor consensus that summer will help.

  • @kurth

    You don't need special proof, you need to read books on flu and previous coronaviruses transmission.

    Again - during transmission virus is passive and does not differ from other viruses of same size.

    Same is true on transmission via surfaces, as previous viruses are researched quite good and it is explained why they die and why flu-like distribution viruses hever had such way playing significant role.

    People need to understand that ruling class, all experts that it hires and its hand feed mass media are not acting in their interest, so it is stupid to choose something they tell without thinking and reading yourself.

  • @Vitaliy... maybe the authors of those books didn't read these.... but...hey, I'll just wait a few months and see.... ""Although some "PUNDITS" have suggested that the COVID-19 pandemic will dissipate with coming warm temperatures and high humidity in the Northern Hemisphere, the virus is unlikely to be seasonal in nature, according to a paper published yesterday by the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine."" .... .....

  • @kurth

    Your biggest issue is that you see "experts" and "scientists" as bunch of independent people getting money from god himself and publishing always objective results.

    It is opposite of truth. Same as press is one part of prostitutes, scientists are another part. You can't make it run without problems if you do not have two kinds of them playing in duet.

    Especially if it is now MAJOR part of the story, as owners little fucked up with time and you need to save them.

    Of course, virus spread do not stop, but it slows down significantly.

    Ruling class do not need virus stopping, hence so strange approach to transport, where all the people who still need to work are not provided any protection and use same mass transport as they did before.

  • Global oil demand is expected to fall by a record 9.3 mb/d year-on-year in 2020. The impact of containment measures in 187 countries and territories has been to bring mobility almost to a halt. Demand in April is estimated to be 29 mb/d lower than a year ago, down to a level last seen in 1995. For 2Q20, demand is expected to be 23.1 mb/d below year-ago levels. The recovery in 2H20 will be gradual; in December demand will still be down 2.7 mb/d y-o-y.

    Issue with resources? Make something to cut consumption.

  • @Vitaliy...we have a saying...a can't have your cake, and eat it too. You're always posting graphs , curves, data based evidence to support little details that you think support your great conspiracy , but where do you think that data comes from ? And I, probably are more aware than yourself how funding affects results. That's why I look at multiple sources. But perhaps your world view is different. Perhaps there, it is always a conspiracy by the ruling class, simply because the ruling class is so easily identified. For the moment, I'll stick to the we don't know whether summer will make a difference theory. And I'll stick to the accidental release causing chaos theory as well. Although with things the way they are, any minute something could change my mind. Either the chinese did it accidentally, or the chinese did it on purpose, or the americans planted it in wuhan, or maybe all three. Or maybe it was the rothschilds and their satanist ? With conspiracy theory, one has to always struggle against falling down an endless rabbithole with no escape.