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Audio Hiss problem in Mirrorless and Dslr PreAmp - Possible Solutions
  • Today I started testing mics in Mirrorless cameras and I found that one mic has more hiss than the other. So the hiss problem is not only related to the camera preamp, it is related to the mic also. My goal in this topic is to test different mics in differemt cameras and also an external preamp connected between mic and camera. This way maybe I can find the best mic and best camera for audio without hiss or with low level hiss possible to clean with noise reduction in post.

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  • Welcome to the world of low noise audio. This is where you eventually find out why brands like Sennheiser, Sound Devices, Schoeps, Sanken etc. are very hard to find at bargain prices.

  • Also, would be easier to offer advice if you provide some information on what you're trying to record or the type of mic you want to use.

  • Yes, expensive mics are better quality.

    I believe that my shotgun is defective. The level of background noise is unaceptable. The videos in youtube using same mic do not show the same amount of noise. So I think my copy is defective.

  • What are you using to amplify the mic signal?

  • For condenser mic I do not use external preamp. The defective mic is connected direct to camera. Other condenser mic works great.

    For dynamic mics I use JuiceLink preamp with 9v battery and results are just fine!

    The defective shotgun mic shows high noise in all cameras and also in zoom recorder. I just ordered another shotgun from another brand.

    I tested 5 diferent condenser mics. 4 work ok. Just one is defective.

  • Sounds like you may have tested some of the mics that are included in this video, but a good comparison none the less. Some have higher output than others, which should help compensate for the inherent noise of the DSLR preamp by turning down the DSLR preamp and feeding it a hotter signal, but you know that already, so this link is mostly for people reading this who are trying to solve the same problem. Thanks!

  • Thanks for the video.

    I am starting to perceive that wireless lavalier is the way to go. There are dual lavalier systems to record two people at same time in separate L/R channels.

    The shotgun on top of camera will get far away from people in some situatuons and will not solve the entire working time.

    The shotgun in a boom pole will need a person to operate it and also when you do a wide angle scene there is no way for someone to operate the shotgun.

    A wired lavalier can be annoying dua to wires showing in scene and walking people step on the wires, and talents locked to camera with wires, so less possible movements.

    So wireless lavaliers are the way to go.

  • This video shows that the Saramonic dual wireless lavalier system is the way to go... (both Boya and Saramonic have dual transmiter and one receiver for two people at same time)

  • @Apefos well if you shoot alone its really good to have a dual lav.

    There's other things like theres better alternatives to voice, the lavaliers appear on the shot, they can get bumped, you need to record some ambiance sound anyway etc.

    So it's best to use it with at least one more sound source.

    Also, if you run and gun alone it's really just somethings you could do, but if you're shooting fixed scene, you could use crane like tripods (girafas), pair of polar mics plus lavs and a recorder to great effect and sound quality for cheap and modularity, just dont use shotgun in that case. Can even trow the mixdown direct into camera and just trow everything in plural eyes after shoot.

    It deppends what you shooting for, but as you talked about shotgun mic in the start and it's a piece of gear suited for some kinds of work maybe only lavs direct into camera wont get you same place.

  • I need an audio system to carry inside a backpack. So a wireless lavalier or a small shotgun are the only options

  • The new cheap shotgun arrives. there is no significant hiss on it. so the old one is defective.