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Idiots: Amazon and secret medicine developments
  • Amazon is working on a cure for the common cold in a years-long, top secret effort called “Project Gesundheit,” according to three people familiar with the effort.

    The company has more than 100 working out of Grand Challenge, a research and development group that sits under its cloud division, AWS. A small team in this group, including scientists and technologists, is now working on a treatment for the world’s most common illness.

    The team is hoping to develop a vaccine, but is exploring a variety of approaches to the problem.

    Of course with 99% probability it is PR stunt and "leak", but it shows big issue.

    Amazon itself is the real problem, as well as idiotic capitalists who own it.

    You can't make real progress working in secret small team, you can't make progress turning all med journals into big fuzzy commercial entity with questionable authority and demanding big money for reading them. Also you can't keep patents and copyright standing on the way of progress. Your issue is lack of enough socialization in science and all around.

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  • Given that "Gesundheit" is just the German word for "health", that sounds like a pretty silly generic name for a project.

    A more useful recent research result than this "common cold" nonsense may be the finding that an existing inhibitor for TMPRSS2 called "Camostat Mesilate" seems to block SARS-CoV-2 from entering primate cells. Good to know that stuff is manufactured a 20 minute ride away from where I live ;-)