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Sigma will introduce Foveon FF L mount camera
  • Kazuto Yamaki told that they'll do it after killing all present SA line.

    Announcement will happen in 2019.


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  • at least he is honest and not saying we "will continue two mounts BS" like what sony did to A-mount and now m43 lol

  • @pureaxis

    Because market for SA lenses is tiny one. They do not care much and not so afraid.

  • Camera delayed till 2020, I think Sigma want to see future of L mount and in case if in 2020 it'll be all cancelled they want to have space to move to other mount fast



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    685 x 359 - 25K
  • Postponed

    Thank you for being a valued customer.

    At Photokina in September 2018, SIGMA announced the development of an L-mount mirrorless camera equipped with a full-frame Foveon sensor. Then, at CP+2019, we shared our plan to release the camera in 2020 and have worked diligently on the development to meet our commitment.

    As a result of careful and rigorous testing based on the latest development information, however, it has become clear that the launch of such a camera would be infeasible within this year. Still at this point, we cannot say for certain when the full-frame Foveon X3 sensor will be put into mass production.

    In light of current development progress, we are not in a position to offer any specific release plan at present. We have therefore decided that we should start over the project with a clean slate, putting the production plan for this new camera back to the drawing board and going back to the development of sensor technologies.

    Since the earlier announcements, your excitement with the launch of a “full-frame Foveon” has been a tremendous source of inspiration and encouragement for us. Everyone involved in the project has pulled out all the stops to make it a reality. I would like to express my deepest apologies for failing to meet your expectations and having to share this disappointing news.

    I would like to emphasize that Foveon sensors are in a class of their own and that they are part of the identity of SIGMA cameras that embodies our ideals and philosophies. We are determined to continue dedicating ourselves to technology development to bring better image sensors to life.

    I would like to once again express my sincerest gratitude to our valued customers for the strong support you have offered to us. On behalf of all SIGMA employees, I commit myself to you that we continue striving to live up to your expectation and prove that we are worthy of your trust.

    I truly appreciate your patience and understanding.

    Warmest regards,

    Kazuto Yamaki
    Chief Executive Officer
    SIGMA Corporation

  • Dear Sigma, I appreciate you thanking me for my patience, but, actually, I had completely forgotten about it.

  • The market need new compact full frame DN mirrorless lenses, style new Sigma 45 2.8 DN Contemporery with good AF-C performance for video instead long converting process of old DSLR Art lenses that don't work good for video needs (on L-mount).

  • But they are still working on sensor



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  • This graphene solution should be the future 9f foveon.

    "The researchers fabricated their photodetector on a transparent glass substrate using graphene as the light-sensing layer, the conducting channel layer, the gate layer and even the interconnects. Using graphene for all the different functional components of the device in this way allows for sensitive light detection and a transparency of around 95%."