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Google can soon become 99% browsers monopolist
  • With Microsoft Edge going into Chromium we now see that Microsoft developer Kenneth Auchenberg is asking Mozilla to abandon their own engine and move into universal one, same Chromium. Initially it looks stupid, but I think it is just first probing of the ground and around late 2019- early 2020 we will see such move.

    Move to universal platform will greatly help in next extreme censorship steps that Google/Microsofts/etc investors are planning. They will also massively use method of banning users from their free SSL platform that now owns 99% of the market also (after Google made special ops against competition). 2019 and 2020 will be really hot. You will see thousands of sites wiped out and declared bad each day for thousands of reasons (expect such terms to appear quite soon).

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  • One of the first consequences of extreme monopoly is already visible.

    Presstitutes around are keeping telling you how nice is that Google will support Windows 7 for another 1.5 years, but after this all new Chrome and all Chromium based browsers will stop working on Windows 7.

    In reality Chrome will be used as main reason to force small to large firms hardware updates, and such decisions are being made by top Alphabet investors (who also owns all main hardware manufacturers).

    You can see huge crimes being committed while all press are prizing them and telling that it is "natural way".

  • Was going to post that they haven't got me, I'm posting from Opera!

    But oh, never mind... I googled what Opera is based on.

    Yup, Opera is a Chromium-based browser!

  • One of the guys inside Microsoft told me that transition to Chromium comes from lawyers, as such way they can legally move compatibility restrictions responsibility from themselves to Google.

    So, main goal here is to stop ANY browser support on Windows 7. Preferably in early 2021.

    Microsoft lawyers just had been afraid to do it using their own engine as it is zero technical reasons to stop releasing new versions for Windows 7.