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Canon EF system will be slowly phased out in 3 years time
  • “Next year we will focus on RF lenses,” Burnhill says. “We will take a break — there will be no EF lenses next year. We’ll focus on RF. We know we have to catch up, so we have to move the production from that to RF so we can try to produce more lenses to catch up with our competitors.

    “The lens manufacturing can only produce X amount of lenses. We can either produce 5 here 3 there, or we can produce 10 of these. And we realized we’re behind here.”

    It is expected that we will see in this year only 1 updated advanced DSLR camera and 1-2 of cheapest models with only cosmetic changes.

    Big Canon M mount APS-C cameras sale can happen in the spring with gradual sellout of all cameras and lenses except 2-3 models. Canon APS-C mirrorless system can cease to exist in 2020 completely after fall holidays big sale.

    In 2021 dealers talk only about single top DSLR body from Canon as both entry level and middle lineups will move to mirrorless with only refurbished and used camera market available to get replacements.

    2021 will be also year of EF lenses lineup shakeup with almost 50% of lenses being phased out, present management idea is to try to make good stock and do such without nay public announcement to avoid legal issues.

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  • Spoke to local shop owner. They are afraid of such outcome also.

  • To date we’ve launched ten critically acclaimed RF lenses, and as it’s a new system we plan to continue this, launching more RF lenses while still fully supporting the EF lens system. And of course, should the market demand it, we are ready to create new EF lenses. But for now, our focus is on RF.

    Except top cameras (can be name rehashing in very low end also) and few old design lenses EF system is dead.

  • EOS-M mount is certain to be phased out as well

  • We got a rumor suggesting the Canon EOS 90D and EOS 7D Mark II will not get a replacement. It seems we might see no Canon EOS 5D Mark V either.

    Step by step.

  • EOS 5D Mark V development was stopped “some time ago”, and that there are no plans to make an EOS R5 version of the popular professional DSLR line.