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BOSMA 8K Cinema Camera
  • BOSMA Envy 8K Cinema camera estimated $5000 MSRP




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  • The $5000 includes a fully functional, remote controlled doorbell.

  • What is the Bosma micro 4/3 lens with the gold ring ?

    Kind of expensive for a large Reference SOC Camera platform am I right ? Seems like very much the same as a Zcam - cfast slot, Ethernet, etc. and those are much cheaper even for the 8K FF one...

  • I wonder whether "Made for Youtubers" is mockery, ill-advised marketing or what..?

    Sure, you need to download the 8k-version of Youtube videos to get a reasonably compression-artifact free 2k video after down-scaling. But you don't need an 8k camera to upscale your 2k video to 8k just so people can get a reasonable bandwidth stream from Youtube...