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SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE lens series in different mounts
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    Hong Kong, China (April 9th, 2018) – SLR Magic will present a new family of CINE lenses, MicroPrime series, to the public in the upcoming NAB Show 2018 in Las Vegas at the SLR Magic booth (Upper Central Hall, C-2663). The SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE 25mm T1.5, 35mm T1.3, 50mm T1.2, and 75mm T1.5 are the first lenses of the family.

    The SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE lenses are designed to be compact and robust for use in a professional setting. The MicroPrime CINE lenses have a large image circle that covers up to full frame. Witness markings on the lenses are all calibrated for the accuracy professionals need in the field. Each lens is balanced, with a similar weight distribution so that recalibration is not required upon switching lenses when using a 3-axis gimbal. Lens gears are built-in with a throw slightly longer than photographic lenses but still manageable when a motorized follow focus is not used. Each lens features an internal focusing mechanism, and comes with a standard 85mm diameter suitable for matte box use. In the situation where a smaller setup is required, each lenses also comes with a 82mm filter thread for use with 82mm Fixed ND filters.

    We place the highest priority on the development of our lenses, to fulfill the demands of professional cinematographers.

    SLR Magic is exhibiting the first lenses of the MicroPrime cinema series at the 2018 NAB Show. The SLR Magic stand will be in upper central hall (C-2663) during the show, which is to be held in Las Vegas from the 9th to the 12th of April 2018.

    The SLR Magic MicroPrime CINE 25mm T1.5, 35mm T1.3, 50mm T1.2, and 75mm T1.5 (MSRP: $800 US) will be available from authorized SLR Magic dealers starting in May 2018. The SLR Magic 18mm T2.9 will be ready by Q3 2018.


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  • Follow this topic, we'll post interview about this lenses


    800 x 576 - 86K
  • Our NAB interview

  • Cinema lens manufacturer SLR Magic has announced it will offer all of its existing MicroPrime range in the Fujifilm X mount.

    The inclusion of the Fujifilm X mount is almost certainly a result of the recent attempts by Fujifilm to attract videographers with the advanced movie features of its X-H1 and X-T3 cameras.

    Full lineup:

    • 12mm T2.8
    • 15mm T3.5
    • 18mm T2.8
    • 25mm T1.5
    • 35mm T1.3
    • 50mm T1.2
    • 75mm T1.5
  • SLR Magic MicroPrime Cine 12mm T2.8 for Micro Four Thirds for $449

  • m43 version of 25mm

  • only sony e-mount and micro 4/3, will they release on other mounts? It would be great in canon EF, or maybe PL, amazing in small configurations.

  • @leonbeas

    They are available at Fuji X mount.

    I suppose making them PL defy the purpose, as it is made more for smaller cameras.

  • MicroPrime CINE 21mm T1.6



    • 13 elements in 11 groups
    • 700g
    • $599

    MicroPrime CINE 50mm T1.4



    • 6 elements in 5 groups
    • 630g
    • $599
    654 x 380 - 22K
    659 x 379 - 26K
    583 x 382 - 21K
    638 x 381 - 26K
  • Following the success of SLR Magic’s venture into affordable yet robust and high quality cinema and photo lenses, we are pleased to announce new editions to our product range. Based on popular demand and responding to our users, we are now offering a selection of new lenses in the MFT-mount

    Given the extreme popularity of our cine lenses in the E-mount range, our engineers and design team logically progressed into the development of extending mounting options.

    Taking from our successful formula along with our previous offerings, SLR Magic have now produce 2 additional lengths given the popularity of Blackmagic’s Pocket 4k camera and the Z Cam E2.

    Both lenses all feature full manual control, have a 82mm thread front, a 85mm front diameter for clamp on matte box, are all 0.8 Mod geared and are almost identical in form factor and weight.

    A 21mm and 50mm are now added to the MicroPrime range. With a new design, these 2 new focal lengths will now round out the existing range and provide more choice and versatility to all Micro Prime shooters. The range for MFT will now include 12mm T2.8, 18mm T2.8, 21mm T1.6, 25mm T1.5, 50mm T1.4.

    SLR Magic have been synonymous with sharp images wide open with smooth roll off, beautiful bokeh edge to edge and are fast becoming the lens of choice rather than an alternative for the Cine and Photo industry.

  • If only they made these with swappable mounts! (like Veydra did)

    Annoying otherwise to be locked into only mirrorless mount for the future

  • As they already offer the MicroPrimes in EF Mount, I'm surprised you can't also get them in PL Mount??