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Portable battery banks to power LED Lights
  • Firstly massive thanks to the PV community for all the knowledge you share. I have been following PV for the last few years. I now have shifted from real estate to full time video production creating corporate training videos. Almost all the knowledge I have for this job has come from this community (as well as all my mistakes) I'm really enjoying it.

    I have a location shoot coming up. Previously all my work has been studio based. There is no electricity at the location and I was hoping to use a few large portable power banks (eg to power my Godox sl60s. At worst I can buy some aputure lights and v mount batteries or similar but trying to put of gear purchases til mid next year.

    Anyone have any thoughts on this sort of setup?

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  • Just go with the industry standard: V locks

    That way you'll be on the same system everyone else is, your accessories / chargers / etc will work with everything else, and you'll be able to easily borrow/rent more in a heartbeat no matter where you are in the world.


    Rent a generator (but from a film rental house! So you get one quieter than the normal hardware store generators) with a very very very very long extension cable. (seriously.... have it a hundred meters away, or even longer!)

  • Thanks @IronFilm.

    I have no need for v locks for anything else at the moment so trying to avoid spending $1000s on new lights and batteries but may have to bite the bullet.

    Yeah I originally looked at generators but the noise concerned me. I thought electric systems would be much quieter this I could be lazy and not have to spread out over hundreds of meters

    Any rental house you would recommend? Location is in Tekapo. This side of things is all new to me.

  • @toca711

    Why not to use such banks as you referenced?

    If they pay for themselves from this work, it is nice.

    Issue of V-Mount batteries is that they are used for specific not very cheap products, so manufacturers charge premium (but also usually use better elements in them). More general things are always cheaper.