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Rode NTG-5 Shotgun Microphone
  • Main stuff

    • Revolutionary acoustic design, delivering a natural, uncolored sound.
    • Extremely lightweight (just 76g), short shotgun microphone (just 203mm), making it far easier to handle on set than other shotgun mics, especially when used on a boom pole.
    • Tailored frequency response and very low self-noise of just 10dbA, making it ideal for location recording, professional filmmaking, and other critical recording situations.
    • Highly directional supercardioid polar pattern and smooth off-axis response.
    • RF-bias technology and conformal coating ensure superior performance in adverse weather conditions.
    • Comes in a complete location recording kit with windshield, pistol grip and other accessories – the NTG5 is ready to take into the field right out of the box.
    • -23.5 dB re. 1 Volt/Pascal
    • 10 dB SPL A-weighted EN
    • $499


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  • The NTG5’s body design has been completely overhauled, with circular acoustic ports replacing the linear slots found in other shotgun mics. The revolutionary design – the result of many months of specialised testing – delivers unmatched acoustic transparency, and a natural, uncoloured sound that will sound superb in a wide variety of applications.

    Sometimes marketing texts are made for strange people :-) Here we already reached level of washing machines design "innovations" level.

    Does a shorter shotgun microphone make it less directional?

    The active part of the line tube of the NTG5 is the same length as the NTG3, maintaining the directional characteristics of shotgun-style mics.


    Rode marketing certainly ahs some weird vision and logic.

    800 x 261 - 30K
  • Polar pattern NTG5


    Polar pattern NTG3


    Frequency response NTG5


    Frequency response NTG3


    643 x 468 - 52K
    580 x 471 - 55K
    800 x 475 - 47K
    800 x 443 - 52K
  • image

    800 x 439 - 40K
  • It's still positioned under the NTG3 though?

  • @IronFilm

    Yes, it is positioned as smaller and lighter boom mike :-)

    Much more cheaply made.

  • Good UK deal on Amazon 367.7 pounds (about 120 pounds less than usual price) if you buy directly from amazon. They are evil, but 120 pounds savings...