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Samsung NX series help! NX300M user feedback or experience.
  • So I'm selling my G6 Lumix to fund a side step. Considering the NX300M for its higher quality sensor and more budget friendly len's prices. I need to know if the dev mode unlocks the 30 minute time constraint whilst allowing file spanning? So i could record an hour without any frame drop or lose? If anyone knows a alternative body to purchase for this that would be greatly helpful! Cheers Dobbie! #My first post.

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  • I own both a G6 (which is my usual camera for my YouTube channel: Although the most recent videos are from a Sony PMW-F3!) and a Samsung NX300 (identical in specs and features to the Samsung NX300M, except with a different operating system).

    My personal opinion is that it all in all, then it just isn't worth the move over to a NX300

    Stick with your G6! Or if you must spend money on an upgrade, go for the G85! (that is my plan to do so "sometime in the next year ish" so as to get 4K and IBIS for my YouTube vlogs)

    Or at the bare minimum, at least go for the Panasonic G7

  • @Dobbie

    I suggest to use search here on PV. 30min can be unlocked as I remember.

    Note that NX300 issue is noise reduction in video and encoder itself.

    Small example - if you miss the focus (not big) you will get quite a mess on NX300 that is impossible to fix, while Panasonic bodies bear it very good, especially latest ones (GH5 release year and newer).

  • Cheers IronFilm & Vitaliy - I found your post on the dev mode unlock but the issue here is duration as im both subject and camera operator I need a budget solution to film 1080P 60 without needing to check my camera. The other constraint is space which requires a large FOV lens 80+degrees. I currently cant afford a GH4R and the import for a GH3 is ridiculous so I'm left in no mans land. I tried a GF2 hacked but the quality is dreadful. I basically need a G6 without the time limits. Been destroying my brain trying to figure out a solution.....

    The question really is can any of the NX cameras "or other suggestion" shoot unlimited footage without stoping once modded in a pal region?

  • Is the G85 time constrained in PAL regions?

  • IronFilm speaks the truth. Get a G85. Easy. Or a GX85. Or a G7.

  • I'm an NX fanboy but I can tell you straight up that Samsung NX cameras have dreadful battery life when it comes to video. Having owned the NX1000, the NX500 and the NX1, they all struggle with battery life unless you power them via usb.

  • Same with Fuji X-T3... USBC is needed.

  • When i looked up the G85 it looked locked to 30 minutes or am i missing a popular work around? Tbh any camera body that can shoot good 1080p for over an hour is what im looking for. preferable to have the ability to see myself whilst im vloging.

  • So once i dev mode my NX300 it will keep recording atleast with default bitrate. Or am i going to have issues with file spanning at 4GB?