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Marantz 4-Section Boompole with XLR Cable for $29
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  • I ordered this when it was on sale. I've gotten to use it a few times now for overhead audio for our YT channel / livestreams.


    I'm using it in a holder mount on a C-stand so I can't say how good it would be for holding over head for any period. The padding on it is just like what you'd get on a cheap photo tripod. A flat cylinder of thin foam. The end of it has a 3/8-16 thread so if you are using a shockmount that is 5/8-27 thread which is somewhat common (in the US at least) then you'll need an adapter which is what I'm using here.

    image image

    The extension sections unscrew and then telescope out, and they have small rubber O rings which I guess are intended to prevent the sections from clanking together when you close it up but they don't stay in place and just move around freely on the shaft. It doesn't change the functionality but it does look crappy.


    The cable inside is not coiled and is just a straight XLR cable which gets bunched up and jams if you try to collapse the pole without also pulling the cable out the back. What I've found works best is to just unscrew the section you want to collapse and lightly pull the XLR cable from the heel of the pole and it collapses very easily on its own that way. I've just been leaving all the segments loose so I can freely adjust it as it stays horizontal on the stand and I can then move the mic in and out as needed during the shoot. Both caps on the pole are removable so if the cable was to break it should be possible to put a new cable in it, though you'll need to put the XLR ends on after threading the cable so keep that in mind. It won't be possible to just have a spare cable and swap it out if something happens mid shoot. If you were using a pole this cheap though and were worried about reliability I think you'd just buy multiple.


    At the sale price I think it was a good deal especially for this kind of use but full price seems high. I figured this info might be useful when this comes back on B&H Deal Zone again as they repeat deals often.

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  • @Firworks

    Thanks for feedback on this, looks nice.

  • What the hell! $29?? That is crazy crazy cheap!

    Is marked as "Discontinued" now though.

    Only Marantz boom pole now is one for $200: