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Sigma stopped making Pentax lenses, Ricoh can leave the market in 10 months
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    Another blow for decaying brand (and I am big Pentax fan still!!).

    Dealers talks is also not nice, as some of them expect brand to suddenly cease worldwide distribution of all cameras and focus on internal Japanese market and same time cutting lineup to 2 cameras only. This can happen any time from January, but most probably date is next summer.

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  • Ricoh can't leave, we need a future GR IV. I do wonder how well the GR III did in sales.

  • @wickitom

    Here I mean their DSLR lineup.

    GR camera most probably will survive, but can be only on Japanese market.

  • Pentax seems to march to the sound of their own drum.

    Their death has been predicted by many people many times!

    They'll probably random disappear when we least expect it.