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  • More autofocus tests with the new firmware, less painful to watch:

  • I read about lot of problems with bluetooth adapter on android and that there are devices supported and that it should be on dji website, but don't see or can't find it. Probably needs newer phones or android? I have older android devices and dissapoints that connection failed. Pocket seems to be detected, but can't connect when I click connect. I found out when I bought this bluetooth adapter about problems. Maybe it is me but where is the list of supported devices and can this be fixed, android, bluetooth, wifi, thought it all would work right away? I did updated pocket and app, but did not help. Hope there is solution, can't do anything now with bluetooth adapter. Don't know how many or older android devices are supported?

  • My osmo pocket fell and the cover popped out without breaking at all, showing me where to start when I will need to change the battery inside

    2976 x 3968 - 2M
    2976 x 3968 - 2M
    2976 x 3968 - 2M
  • @mysteryman4 If you are having problems with the bluetooth adapter, turn off your mobile data and I bet it will work. A lot of bluetooth/wireless accessories like that have a problem with cellular and I don't know if it's an interference thing, an OS thing or whatnot but that's been a very reliable solution. I can't connect to the Osmo Pocket or my Yi 4K+ without disabling mobile data.

  • Hello Firworks. Never have mobile data on, so not sure if there could be other interference? I needed to put on wifi to get the pocket detected, it also ask for locaton and gps on. I think it could be old android system? Also read some devices have to put airplane mode on, so that sounds also a bit like data you said Firworks. Can try that, but these options are not even on my tablet, only on phone.

  • Does anybody has specification compatibilty list of the osmo pocket bluetooth adapter or does know where it is on the site. My older phone and tablet does not work with it. Tried to block some signals inteference, but still does not work. It is weird. Do you really need a new phone for this?

  • Got it working wifi needed to be on 2,4 ghz and the pocket had it on 5,8 so I needed to click on 2,4 ghz. I think the pocket is capable on a easy way to do shots no other camera can do that easy and the bluetooth adapter can do even more crazy shots. Camera's can do wifi but not also a remote movement on a stick or something like that. You can put it on alot of things and ways and then even move and frame. I see it has alot of possibilities. It connected easy, so it is working on my old phone which I am happy with now.

  • got to say this camera rocks for on the fly doc work.

  • Freewell 18mm wide angle adapter with edge to edge sharpness: $29.95

  • I've got the Ulanzi wide angle adapter and have no issues with sharpness either. I don't use it much though because it's too deep and the camera cannot be turned off / on with it mounted (The gimbal binds up). You have to stick it on after which is a pain in the ass.

  • @Firworks Same for the Freewell.

  • PolarPro Standard Series ND Filter Kit for DJI Osmo Pocket for $19 deal

  • I joined to ask this question and possibly propose someone makes this. I'm thinking to buy one of these but sticking a phone to it for viewfinder kind of misses the point. And I realized the perfect accessory for this thing would be a simple viewfinder that maybe fitted with magnets. It makes total sense. I wonder if anyone is up for designing a 3d printed one. Doesn't need a lens just a comfortable eyepiece maybe two inches in length. Of course a more complex one with glass would be great too. Or if anyone knows an existing product. Osmo should get in on this.

  • @Bladerun....haha...that'll look pretty funny having an osmo pocket pegged to your face. Which kinda of completely misses the point of the be free to move around at arms length. Or maybe you're thinking of a tiny lcd hood for the screen ? Use a lens hood.

  • @Bladerun

    I got one of these medicine bottle magnifiers at Walgreens, it clips on to the Osmo and magnifies the screen. A rubber band helps prevent slipping. Don't put it on in direct sunlight to avoid frying your Osmo :) Actually, you get accustomed to just using the small screen on the Osmo, I don't use the magnifier that often.


    300 x 300 - 30K
  • DJI Osmo Pocket 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilized Handheld Camera With DJI Expansion Kit, $285