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  • Added specs and release date.

  • PR

    Valhalla, N.Y., August 25, 2016 – As a leader in advanced digital camera technology and outstanding image quality, FUJIFILM North America Corporation today announced the new FUJIFILM X-A3, a compact mirrorless camera with a large, 180 degree tilting touch LCD, eleven film simulations and ten advanced filters, all in a retro, classic design.

    The X-A3 features a newly-developed 24.2MP APS-C sensor that produces crisp images in a wide range of shooting conditions, and excels in naturally reproducing skin tones, textures and colors.

    Updated Design with Enhanced Textures and Touchscreen

    The FUJIFILM X-A3 features a retro design that will appeal to a younger generation and gives a fresh impression of sophisticated photography. The top cover, front plate and top dials are made of aluminum. The newly-developed faux leather has significantly enhanced the overall texture. The LCD on the rear uses a touchscreen that offers “Touch AF,” “Touch Shoot” and “Touch Zoom,” for easy pinch-out finger gestures to zoom in and out.

    Selfies First

    The FUJIFILM X-A3 grip is designed to accommodate normal shooting and self-portraits effortlessly. The X-A3 has an ergonomic design that is based on real-world feedback from hundreds of casual photographers. The rear LCD employs a slide-and-tilt mechanism so that it is not blocked by the camera body when tilted 180 degrees to maintain 100% visibility. Users will be able to view the entire screen for precise selfie composition.

    When taking a selfie, users can focus and release the shutter by pressing the vertical command dial, found directly below your index finger that also minimizes camera shake. The new Self Timer function now offers Smile Detection, Buddy Timer and Group Timer modes. Even without having to press the command dial or release button, the shutter is released when subjects smile, when two people come close together, or when a specified number of people come into the frame. The X-A3 also automatically activates Eye Detection AF when the rear LCD is titled upwards, and the Portrait Enhancer mode now offers three-step adjustments, using touchscreen operations. The addition of the skin-tone brightening function takes your portrait photography to a new level.

    Get Creative with the X-A3

    The X-A3 offers a total of eleven Film Simulation modes. Enjoy Fujifilm’s original expressions of tonality, such as the true-to-life colors of PROVIA (standard), the vibrant tones and saturated colors of Velvia (vivid), the soft tones of ASTIA (soft) or the documentary-style tones of CLASSIC CHROME. Monochrome and Sepia modes are also available.

    The normal sensitivity range covers ISO200 to ISO6400, while extended sensitivity settings of ISO12800 and even ISO25600 can be selected when you want to minimize camera shake. The X-A3 produces clear images with astonishingly low noise, even on low-light nightscapes and indoor shots where high ISOs are essential. And with the Advanced Filters, users can easily produce unique and creative effects. A total of ten Advanced Filters are available, including the new “Fisheye “and Cross Screen “as well as Toy Camera, Miniature, Dynamic Tone, Pop Color, Soft Focus, High Key, Low Key and Partial Color.

    FUJIFILM X-A3 Key Features:

    • 24.2MP APS-C CMOS Sensor
    • EXR Processor II
      • Start-up time of 0.5 seconds
      • AF speed of 0.3 seconds
      • Shutter lag time of 0.05 seconds
      • Shooting interval time of 0.4 seconds
    • 49-point focus areas for AF in the Single Point mode
    • Zone and Wide / Tracking modes with 77-point focus areas
    • New functions -“Release Priority / Focus Priority” and “AF+MF”
    • 3” (920K dot) high resolution touch LCD screen that can be tilted to 180°
    • Class-leading macro photography distance of approximately 2.75”
    • Full range of ISO200 – ISO25600
    • In-camera RAW processing
    • NEW - “PRO Neg.Hi” and “PRO Neg.Std.”and other film simulation modes
    • NEW - Panorama and Time Lapse functions.
    • NEW - Interlocking of Metering and AF areas, support for the Adobe RGB color space, and choice of different colors in Focus Peaking for assisting MF.Full HD recording (1080/60p, 50p, 24p)
    • Wi-Fi® image transfer and remote camera operation
    • Photos can be sent to the INSTAX Share Printer using the free INSTAX Share App (iOS and Android) SHARE Smartphone Printer

    • Availability and Pricing

    The new FUJIFILM X-A3 Kit (with XC16-50mmF3.5-5.6 OIS II) will be available in October 2016 in the U.S. for USD $599.95. It will be available in Silver, Brown, and Pink.

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  • Good offers

    Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless with 16-50mm OIS II Lens, Brown W/XC 50-230 Lens/Bundle, $669


    Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera XC16-50mm F3.5-5.6 II Lens Kit, Used, $445

    517 x 500 - 36K
  • Review

    The X-A3 records FullHD video at 60fps, with stereo sound. Detail is good, with video featuring the same excellent color reproduction as photos, and film simulation is available as well. Electronic image stabilization function delivers the five-axis image stabilization that combines optical and electronic stabilization. Video has a data rate of 36/38mbps.

  • Review

    The camera can record 1920 x 1080 video at up to 60 frames per second, which is good for its price point. The X-A3 even offers manual exposure, Auto ISO and exposure compensation during video recording. Plus it has digital image stabilization.

  • Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera with XC 16-50mm f/3.5-5.6 Lens for $349

  • Fujifilm X-A3 Mirrorless Camera with XC 16-50mm OIS II Lens for $289

  • Got a Fujifilm X-A5!

    Used to have a Fujifilm X-F1 (twice!) and a Fujifilm X-Q1 some years ago as my small pocketable cameras. 

    But otherwise Fuji hasn't really been on my radar due to a lack of any mirrorless cameras with great video (although Fuji is well known for their great cinema lenses!). However all that has changed with the Fujifilm X-H1 / Fujifilm X-T3 / Fujifilm X-T30! 

    Unfortunately the Fujifilm X-A3 is not one of those, but those other Fuji cameras did get my thinking about the Fujifilm X Mount family of mirrorless cameras.... and checking out what deals there are on eBay. 

    Some of them are surprisingly very very cheap!  

    Waited patiently for a fantastic deal to pop up, and when I saw this Fujifilm X-A3 available for only US$115 I just couldn't say no to it! Then I got a  25mm f1.8 lens for it for only US$34