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Good design: Paper Towel Holder
  • This is how most common cheap Chinese one looks


    bad mounting, hard to use as roll in real life will turn always, even from slight force, towel will fall from the side from time to time.

    Proper design:


    Nowhere to fall, and towel does not turn randomly due to proper though put to it:


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  • so let's wait until there is a Chinese copy?

  • @peaceonearth

    I talk about principles and good solutions in such posts.

    Doubt that we will see such thing widely present in Chinese online shops :-)

  • I'd think you'd want the roller access points facing away from the user (second pic) rather than toward the user (third pic). I guess it might depend if there was room between the holder and the wall to insert the a full paper towel roll from the away side. With the slots facing the user, there might be chance for user to unintentionally pull the roll from the holder during use.

  • @v10tdi

    No way you can pull it accidently, as it is not round.

    Yes, for round rods Chinese are making it reverse, but it is very unhandy.