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Z-CAM E2-S6, E2-F6 and E2-F8 Cinema Cameras
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    • USD 3,995
    • Shipping in Oct, 2019.


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  • I dived for E2, received since 2 days. It's really an impressive camera compared with GH5s. So beautiful quality picture ! Another world...

    I don't know what to think with S35 since there is no slow, this is why I dived for E2 m4/3.

  • I'm totally in for this one. Especially if the colors are close to the ones I get on my E2, it's going to look absolutely amazing... and 6kp48 internal recording for this price is really exciting.

  • @eatstoomuchjam "6kp48 internal recording for this price is really exciting". -Agreed! And 6k open gate (1.5:1) for anamorphic shooters too.

  • hope they maintain 4k 120p

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    800 x 768 - 49K
    800 x 731 - 49K
  • @pureaxis There is no 4k120p advertised on this camera and it's unlikely that the sensor supports it.

  • My question is what are the resolutions and frame rates for RAW recording.

    Does anybody have a lead on any more info?

  • At $4k for still new and unproven company such as Z cam , I wonder what would the resale value be for such camera lets say a year after buying it .Would Z cam still be even in the market in a year and half?

  • I guess if it's an improvement over the E2 with regards to image . It might intice people away from blackmagic a bit and some dslr folks

  • @sammy

    I have big issues with this camera.

    As we have new small Arri camera, and will have few others this year.

    At rental they cant compete with leaders at all. And make mistake looking at reaction of small fan crowd.

  • @Vk, what issues do you encounter ?

    @Sammy, try it, you will be very surprised.

  • I mean. For me I like to have a B or C cam to Alexa cameras . But so far ,as much as I hate the size of original ursa 4.6k ,I still feel it has a better IQ and image and closer to Alexa (but quite a bit) than E2. Now this s35 ,or I'm hearing a FF cam also coming could have better IQ and image I can take a look at them closely ,as I do like the z cam small camera size

  • These specs in a more equipped camera body could at least be competition for Kinefinity even tho the frame rates aren't anything special in comparison.

  • @chopnshoot

    Thing is Kinefinity is not doing too good. Red is doing not good (hence all this mad story with idiotic smartphone).

    And here we have CEO with origins in smartphone industry who leads company in the extremely crowded niche with extreme competition and that is even worse - where rental rates are plummeting, do competition with better cameras is extremely intensive.

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    • S35 sensor 23.4mm x 15.67mm
    • Pixel Size 3.76μm
    • Available in EF/PL or M4/3 mounts
    • 6244 x 4168 up to 30fps (Open Gate)
    • 6124 x 3240 up to 48fps
    • 6124 x 2560 up to 48fps (2.4:1 aspect ratio)
    • 5760 x 3240 up to 48fps
    • 4096 x 2160 up to 60 fps (subsampling with crop)
    • 3840 x 2160 up to 60 fps (subsampling with crop)
    • H.265 main 10 profile/ H.264 High Profile Max, bit rate of 300Mb/s
    • ProRes recording (awaiting certification)
    • 12-bit & 14-bit RAW
    • CFast 2.0 Media
    • Color Bit Depth 4:2:2 10-bit in ProRes (subject to getting ProRes certification)
    • 5 pin Lemo for dual XLR mic(requires optional accessory)
    • LUTS
    • HDMI 2.0 (max. output C4K up to 60fps 10-bit 4:2:2
    491 x 321 - 25K
  • @Vitaliy Great!!!! (But don't look calendar please)

  • Converted output of our RAW. It's cineform RAW format so you can basically drag it to existing NLE to do grading.

  • First real photos of E6



    686 x 907 - 68K
    686 x 749 - 56K
  • Our interview

  • Z CAM E2-S6 & Z CAM E2-F6 preorder special offer:

    • USD500 discount with USD500 down payment.
    • Additional USD500 discount for Z CAM E2 customers.

    Z CAM E2-F8 preorder special offer:

    • USD500 discount with USD1,800 down payment.
    • Additional USD500 discount for Z CAM E2 customers.

    Discounts started too soon. Stay away from their preorder offers for now.
    Expect $1000-1200 discount towards the actual ready to use date (around February-April next year for S35 cam).

  • Whoa, that big EF mount is nearly as big as the camera itself!