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Rumors of new Panasonic smartphone app
  • We had been told that Panasonic is reworking the Image APP. A completely new version should be available within the next months. No specifics yet…

    I can make few assumptions looking at the Panasonic general direction.

    Application will have one main screen and 5 buttons over live view image.

    First button will be called - "Make it all cool". Will be accessible for all cameras and owners.

    Second button will be called - "Make it all even cooler". Will be available as $10 paid option for owners of new FF cameras.

    Third button will be called - "Make it all posh totty". Will be available for $99.99 for very few people - owners of S1R.

    Next button will be called - "Make it look smart". Will require $999 special service agreement payment and will use AI to make all faces on the photos and vides to look much smarter and less drunk than they are. Cloud AI usage cost not included in main fee.

    Last button will be called - "Elite look". Will cost $10000, but will be also available for exactly 5 trial presses for owners of previous options. And it will make any of your photos to look like they are made in the elite apartments, elite beaches or elite cemeteries (depending on situation).

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