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Magix Vegas Pro 16, 15, 14 and formar Sony Vegas 13 topic
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  • Are there any significant improvements to 15 over 14 that are worth going with the bundle? I hate buying upgrades when I haven't made much use of older versions. Maybe I should take my chances adn wait for 2019 with potential version 16 bundle.

  • @robertGL I've only a little experience of using VP15 but I would say that it you use a GH5 then it is worth upgrading because "4K, 10-bit 4:2:2 AVC files from the Panasonic GH5 camera are now supported" .
    From the readme file these are the features which are significantly useful to me: A new MAGIX AVC/AAC codec significantly accelerates encoding on (a) machines that utilize Intel® Quick Sync Video (QSV) technology (b) machines equipped with modern NVIDIA graphics card GPU technology

    The user can now select from the list of attributes of a copied timeline clip event to specify which attributes will be pasted into a target event. (Useful but not as fully implemented as the corresponding feature in Resolve 15).

    There are a number of other small changes and lots of bug fixes (some even post the release of VP 16).
    Some of the hitfilm essentials FX also included with the deal are useful if you don't already possess similar FX. So there isn't a huge difference but $25 is not a lot to ask and the offer is only around for about another week.

  • Thanks for the rundown!

  • The third update for VEGAS Pro 16 !

    You can download the build 352 now at:


    • In addition to manual refresh to keep the storyboard in sync with the timeline, an automatic refresh option has been added so the storyboard refreshes after each timeline edit
    • An update notification feature has been added in order to keep in better touch with users when new product updates and fixes are available
    • DX12 based HDR external preview support
    • The video stabilization plug-in now has three modes for use depending upon the level of control desired ranging from basic mode with simple one-click operation, to expert mode with a powerful set of optimization parameter controls
    • Automation for Video stabilization parameters enables you to make adjustments over time or to bypass stabilization during certain portions of a clip
    • HDR Mastering Display Metadata for rendering HDR10 content has been added to the Project Media window
    • A filter option in the Render As dialog box filters the render formats and templates down to just those are are 360° compatible when you've specified your project as a 360°in the Video tab of Project Properties
    • Mechanism is now in place to inform users when a new update of the software is available

    Bug Fixes

    • Inconsistencies when analyzing a video for stabilization with the Static setting selected have been resolved
    • Closing and reopening the Project Media window no longer disengages storyboard hover scrub, and no longer resets storyboard in/out points
    • Stabilization works properly when the video is contained on a track that has an audio track above it on the timeline
    • Using the Esc key while dragging an event properly cancels the move operation rather than clearing the storyboard and causing a crash upon reopening the Project Media window
    • The mouse wheel works properly with OFX plug-ins even when Scroll Inactive windows is enabled in Windows
    • This update correctly preserves the order of effects in video effect chains that were created in VEGAS Pro 15 or earlier which involve pre-Event Pan/Crop effects and post-composite track effects
    • Manually adjusting the Zoom slider properly disables the Auto-zoom checkbox 
    • Missing Aspect ratio options have been add back to the Properties dialog box
    • The Use Current Project Folder option has been fixed in the Advanced Save utility
    • Text boxes scroll correctly when Scroll inactive windows is enabled in Windows 10
    • Render template Frame Rate settings properly use a period or comma based on the language the application has been installed in
    • The Project Media window is no longer limited to showing just 100 thumbnails
    • Project Media thumbnails do not redraw when there are more than 49 shown and you move the mouse over them
    • Improved thumbnail reading in the Project Media window avoids crashing
    • Variable frame rate media plays back with properly synchronized audio
    • Fixed issue where improper thumbnail can appear for generated media in the Project Media window
    • Fixed issue where some MP4 files crashed the application when loaded into VEGAS
    • Audio Event FX window no longer remains open after deleting the track from which the audio effect is applied to
    • Issue when envelopes move in the wrong direction when using the CTRL key while dragging is fixed
    • Fixed crash when loading some plugins on startup


    • Checkerboard artifacts may be visible in HDR external preview when preview quality is set to "Best" with certain kinds of footage; please switch to "Good" quality in such scenarios; this does not affect the actual rendered output
    • Very bright yellows can blow out with the default ACES Rec.2020/1000 nits IDT; please use Levels FX to adjust the footage to work around that.
  • So I upgraded to a 1070TI which made a hell of a difference for 4K rendering with NVENC. No so much for HD rendering.

    Howevere, GPU is not utilized for decoding at all on playback on the timeline or in the trimmer window.

    But effects like New Blue FX Lens correction is GPU accelerated both on the timeline as well as during rendering.

    Is all NLEs like this, i.e. only CPU decoding of video on the NLE timeline?

    Or is something like Resolve better on this?

    When I play back a 4K clip from the SSD or from YouTube it's full GPU video decoding. So a bit surprised that this is not done in the GPU also within the NLE!

  • Is all NLEs like this, i.e. only CPU decoding of video on the NLE timeline?

    Resolve is considered best with their latest update. But you need Studio version for this to work.

    When I play back a 4K clip from the SSD or from YouTube it's full GPU video decoding. So a bit surprised that this is not done in the GPU also within the NLE!

    It is because developers required or this to work really good are of different qualification compared to most other ordinary guys. And non leading companies frequently can't even get such people as can't compete for them due to money shortage.

  • New build 361 available now at:

    Bug fixes

    • Crash that can happen when OpenColorIO library is not installed properly is now prevented
    • Incorrect values in metadata for HDR renders has been corrected
    • Improved handling of hardware dependent video plugins when GPU does not initialize properly
    • Likelihood of crash when resizing thumbnails in Project Media window has been reduced
    • Improved performance of thumbnail drawing within the project media window
    • Problem with some valid video plugins not appearing in the plugin chooser has been resolved
    • Crash when launching on a 2 GPU system when with one GPU disabled has been fixed
    • Smoothing parameter is now available in the basic mode of the Video Stabilization plugin
    • Crash when updating a grouped track that is not visible has been fixed
    • Crash when reading certain MP4 files is now prevented
    • Disabled some JDR project properties for non-HDR projects
    • Disabled HDR preview preference for 8 bit projects
    • Crash that may occur if the timeline ruler and speed controls are not visible as been resolved
    • Crash they may occur when beginning a render of building peaks or other similar tasks has been resolved
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  • Some truth about Vegas (in Russian)

    Yet considering Gary being Product Owner, it is just such title in Magix, nothing more. They have same titles (and same total mess) for their own old titles.