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Hacking electronic shutter in GH2
  • Hi,
    at the beginning I'd like to say many thank's to Vitalij: great job! And all of you guys! All testers and developers and users, BRAVO!

    I have an question, would that be possible to hack GH2 so deep that one could release a mechanical shutter without closing it (ina way like bringing up a mirro in EOS for filming) and then use electronic shutter for shooting pictures (not video).

    I am asking because I use my GH2 extensively in time-lapse and stop-motion so the shutter will need replacement soon. Maybe it could be changed by hacking the firmware nad use electronic shutter instead mechanical?

    best regards
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  • Just use it in SH burst mode, the shutter will not trigger. You get reduced IQ however.
  • Pretty sure there is no shutter in the GH2...
  • @bwhitz the GH2 has does have a mechanical shutter. You can't see it when you change lens- but its there, simply take a photo without a lens attached- (be careful don't touch) its a metal curtain that comes down.

    VK has hacked the video mode to do time-lapse but this is only in 1920x1080. The shutter is ratted for 150,000 cycles (so I hear) Also this is quite normal for digital cameras- my D300's shutter died after this.
  • that's why i use GH1 for jpegs time-lapse instead of GH2. it's also a good B-cam.

    there is an easy solution. buy more GH2 bodies just before the model gets discontinued :)

  • How about finding a camera that does not have mechanical shutter to use for time lapse work? I had though of doing this. Can a Canon G12 do this via a hardware timer?
  • I already have a camera - GH2 :)
    I just hope for releasing more and more of it's power!
  • I sure hope to just carry one camera too!
  • I would also go for a Canon for timelapse cause you can load the CHDK firmware for it. Plus a point-&-shoot should be fine for time lapse I think anyway with the added benefit if you do those extreme time-lapse where you leave the camera in a rig somewhere and check on it once a day - if it does get stolen it won't be that expensive to replace - plus it leaves you GH2 for other work.

    But this is my intended workflow cause I am not rolling in the money unfortunately.

    Have a splendid weekend everyone!
  • @Inprogress, what is this "load the CHDK firmware"? Did a little reading on Wiki but still not sure what it was.
  • @ Dusty42. The CHDK project is an open source project that loads temporary firmware onto your Canon point & shoot camera. Before you buy a Canon point & shoot just check that the model is supported although to my understanding they (I suppose private people) are always working onto making the newer models updatable.

    What happens is that you (the last time I read up on it which was some time ago) you "program" what your camera is suppose to do, like shoot in RAW format and do timelapse photography by controlling the shutter. You load the firmware onto the camera and it is set.

    If I remember correctly, once you remove the battery from the camera, the firmware is wiped and you are left with the original factory firmware.

    I haven't used it myself and the workflow is a bit unclear to me yet but that is the crux of it - I think you create a custom menu system based on your needs on your PC (not high level programming to my knowledge - basics) and then load it to the camera via memory card - you can also display additional information on the LCD display with CHDK. When I finally finish my programmable pan/tilt head with slider I will get me a cheap used Canon point & shoot camera specifically for time lapse photography since my thinking is if they steal something they will steal the camera and that is cheap - if a 2nd hand Canon Point & Shoot.

    P.S. I think you can even create controls in your custom menu regarding white balance and focus and exposure etc. I do stand to be corrected.