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19 minutes full of reasons why you must never pay even $1 to Adobe
  • Besides being bad documentary made to promote bad company, of course.

    They paid the flight and accommodation for my trip. Nothing else when it comes to work itself.

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  • Thank you so much for this video, we need many more like this!!!

    It simply brings joy to me to think I stopped paying for their product once the frappuccino crowd took over...

    I didn't see many coke, black coffee, dorrito and pizza stains on shirts, keyboards and countertops- just sayin the obvious... the mandatory subscription fees to simply open projects perpetually and pseudo releases say the rest, which also goes even more for Avid nowadays...

    (PS. I love how the VR developer guy believes in VR calling it 1.0 technology... counting backwards, who knew we were at -29.0 almost 30 years ago...)

  • Adobe has become the graphic version of Microsoft. It's very poor from Cinema5D that they let themselves be used by Adobe for this cheap and unsubstantial promotion. It's not that you should not pay any $ for Adobe you should stop watching the C5D channel.

  • Agree with Vitaliy on this.

  • Compare and contrast with third party workstation builder for creative apps, if you are curious...