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3D LUT Creator - best tool for camera matching and video grading
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  • Uli made nice video for PV channel on one of the important aspects

  • @olli66

    If you want to do precise or unusual color edit -it is quite unique and he moves into more video field fast.

  • Haven't heard of this software until now. Looks good. I just bought it. 30 percent discount at the moment.

  • Won't prcess my payment when I switch to Russian version of the site. Oh well. I'll wait until they have a reasonable sale.

  • @spacewig

    Payment does not work?

  • @Azo

    Can also try Russian way.

  • I am interested in purchasing this software as well but it is a little too expensive for me in the US. The "Professional Version" cost $249.00 if it was $100.00 - $150.00 I would buy it in a heartbeat.

  • I think I will try to. Don't know if there might be a region lock for the purchase (or if they take my credit card, for that matter).

    Thank you, Vitaliy

  • @CameraRick

    OK, I got you now.

    Just buy Russian version at RU site as this software main stuff is quite universal controls and you can look at English videos always.

    Note that they also made OFX plugin available!

  • My very first comment here was if someone knows why it's cheaper, and if I can easily just save money by purchasing it that way. You answered that with a guess that it's russian only, which answers neither of those questions; did you ask those guys by now or is it still just a guess? Because the question stands. Russian software wouldn't be too bad, they teach russian here too.

  • @CameraRick

    LOL. No one going in circles besides you.

    It is owner who sets pricing for regions. Can also go and check pricing for Stream stuff, for example.

  • When you actually know (not assume) that, why are we going in circles for days instead of telling me day 1? I don't get it.

    I bet people in Kenya don't make more, but hey, I get your drift.

  • @CameraRick

    They set price because average income in Russia for guys who shoot video is much smaller. Period.

  • I don't think you don't know what my issue with this is, Vitaliy :) it's obvious they set the price that way, that was not the question. But it's obvious no one here knows why; so why bother :)

  • @CameraRick

    Well, they set the price such. It is Russian only version, what is the problem?

  • Is it that heavy though? After all it was a question in a forum, followed by nothing but assumptions. So as not unusual here on PV, I just wasted my time ;)

  • So it seems at 3dlutcreator they also have little humour
    Anyway, under heavy scrutiny almost nuthin' makes sense.
    Me 1/5 free advise: don't get too worked up @CameraRick, here at Personal-View you'd be better off not letting things get neither too serious nor personal, or - as someone said in a film (maybe Hiroshima mon Amour) - the weight of the world becomes unbearable. Cheers


  • @maxr

    When the main-flux is russian it makes even less sense to only charge 1/5, no? I'm not from the US, no idea why you bring that country up in the first place. And there's also other non-first-world countries beside the obvious, and not every first worlder can throw money.

    I wrote them now, but they evade the question. They just tell me what is readable on their site. When further asking, no response. Oh well.

  • Maybe I ask them, but I'm afraid I get no answer.

    Don't .... be afraid.
    As far as I can tell, their main flux of interest, contribution discussion, revenue, feedback is russian (check the link of VK - the platform). Based in what I read (translated) from VK and my little interactions with Oleg, the man behind 3Dlutcreator (and other staff) it has being open, responsive, to the point, helpful. There is life outside of the USA, outside of first world countries. Little fact, Vitaliy is a triple agent for Shiva S.A.

    That said, don't speculate, go and ask them! And then you could be good lad, come back here and state the facts ,-)

  • Very interesting commentary after all you anti-capitalist posts here. I'm not american though, no idea what this has to do with it (I also think that Putin wants to make Russia a bit better, too).

    Maybe I ask them, but I'm afraid I get no answer.

  • May be this software author is like Trump

    do you like this thought @Vitaliy_Kiselev?

  • @CameraRick

    Why you find it strange? Trump wants to make America great again, put various fees and restrictions.

    May be this software author is like Trump, but for Russia, just looked at income difference and set price at fair values :-)