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BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K
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  • @NickBen

    "crowdfunded the camera with money up-front on preorder, yet unsurprisingly still couldn't even hit 2 shipping dates,"

    No. They don't need the deposit money. They don't even get those deposits. Those are only placed with the retailers. Your deposit is held only by the dealer you're ordering with. BMD don't see any of that. That's not how it works. BMD get nothing until they ship product. This is how it works with all manufacturers.

    And which two shipping dates did they miss ?

    "whom gets skewered for showing real defects and current status in real-time."

    You mean the guy who didn't know what the red exclamation mark meant when he took the camera to 60 FPS ?

    Or understanding that clips only playback in the same frame rate and codec that the camera is set to. They haven't disappeared. Same as on every other BMD camera.

    He was skewered (rightfully) because he did a really shitty review and got called on it for getting some basic stuff very very wrong.

    He clearly had a pre-production camera too..something he didn't acknowledge per the product manager himself...


  • Many of the sites that had pre-orders do not even collect money until they ship. That's how Adorama works. I suspect B&H does as well.

    • for US card orders
  • @johnbrawley Let me first state, your knowledge sharing is valuable and nothing about retailer unmet promises is worth arguing over or unexpected.

    The ONLY thing that matters at this late stage is that BMD ships bug-free product with long-term reliability. If blame in my case goes to the retailer, then they publicly stuck their head out for no reason other than to generate more sales for BMD instead of the other brands they rep- it's bad on them...

    I'd prefer if BMD took my money directly for a secured place in line or a 25% deposit, as my funds were frozen/preauthorized on my day 1 order, and I consider them spent from there on out. Unlike others I know, I do not play the preorder roulette as some do ordering from 3 places and cancelling after the first one ships, because I don't want BMD getting bad preorder estimates- I want them to have a successful launch, and I do have several associates interested in purchasing after my cam arrives as I'll loan it out to them to try.

    I was told since I was so early in the que I'd receive product from the first batch, yet 2 shipping dates confirmed twice by my retailer customer service reps on two separate ocassion have been missed. I think we also see retailers demoing some of the first retail batches instead of giving to earliest customers or placing in rental department- bad on them again but not totally unexpected in this day of clicks over customers...

    I believe BMD only said publicly they'd ship in September, which I assume meant worldwide. I never had a problem with the retailer before, and I see little reason why they'd tell me disinformation about a ship date and potentially upset a long-term customer. I have no problem with BMD saying shipping in 6 months to 1 year or however long to get the bugs out, as Panasonic and Fuji just did that at Photokina and is not taking advance preorders which I prefer...

    As for Sareesh Sudhakaran of Wolfcrow- I am not unhappy he potentially broke his NDA to actually wake people up to the reality of what it's like working with a preproduction camera, which almost always do have flaws and I prefer to know about them upfront instead of down the line, especially this close to ship date. I can't count how many technology reviews have been held back/ selectively edited due to attempting to uphold the manufacturer reputation and not generate bad PR prior to launch, but if Sareesh knew he had a preproduction unit and pretended it was a production unit to generate more clicks, that's extremely unprofessional.

    I meanwhile do have an inexpensive NVME SSD to USB C adapter to test if the BMPCC4K can indeed record max data rate uncompressed direct to external SSD at 60p without dropping frames since BMD has not publicly approved that setup yet, and I don't believe anybody has shown this setup to date to be possible yet- I'd primarily like to help out those interested in saving on SSD media (and as VK could probably privately attest to, I am not a fan of overpriced or proprietary camera media) ...

  • You say you're a long-term BMD customer so why did you not expect shipping delays on this camera? How many times was the original BMPCC delayed? Or just about any other camera they've announced. Also, unless you're getting a discount for it, is a preorder necessary? It seems like it is just causing you stress/anxiety.

  • @eatstoomuchjam That was the only point to preordering day 1, hour 1 in fully anticipating long delays otherwise, due to their track record with camera launches in specific.

    I guess there's no point to preordering early thru major online retailers as you said unless for an early order discount, as it ultimately encourages a pattern of further bad behavior by the retailers giving fake delivery dates to secure earlier orders from other retailers, and I am seeing other camera brands being presold this way as well...

    I think the retailer is mostly to blame anyway at this point, as they should only tell me when they have actual product ready to ship and stop pestering me with false ship dates, as we ordered accessories based upon their initial promised delivery date...

    The retailer "Artificial scarcity" sales pitch is alive and well, at least they didn't charge over MSRP as I believe the retailer also participated in with the insanity of the gpu marketplace...

  • Instead of preordering, consider postordering. That said, looking forward to this camera.

  • @DrDave I like now in stock- buy now, but in the meanwhile we have , which also helped me sort thru the GPU madness last GTX 10X0 launch

  • @NickBen Handy!. In stock at BHPhoto for $999.
    Except it is the wrong camera. Still, handy web feature for checking stock.

  • Battery life is result of using FPGA that is not really suitable for use in portable small cameras efficiently and paired with Peltier cooling.

  • The slow motion video is among the worst 1080 120p slow motion footage I have seen. Sony RX100 and RX10 cameras are much better at this. Even GoPro Hero6 or 7. Sony RX100 V or VI 240P is better.

  • I mean... Worst in what way?

    It does look soft - but from what I can tell it's really hard to see where they put the focus - or for that matter - what Codec they recorded in... or what lens they were using... etc. etc.

  • Mine should be delivered tomorrow morning. Then the testing begins.

  • @fireworks, have you an GH5 or GH5's for to compare ?

  • @bannedindv Extremely soft, with artifacts. Odd colors. Worse in every way. Obviously we cannot know why it is so bad. All we can do is look at what was posted. I understand why you might look for excuses - codec, focus, lens. etc. Lens? Really?

    I have shot 120P with a lot of cameras. Prior to this, the worst 120P was from the Sony A6500. A7s II also not good. Best is Sony RX100 V,VI; RX10 III,IV, not counting the 4K 120P from RAW using the Sony FS5 (burst mode).

  • Well, after multiple calls to customers support, the Eagle has landed- & It arrived looking like Khabib used it to land some ponts over the weekend... probably was used by a Youtuber for a week, some cosmetic defects, reboxed...

    Very First impression = nice image right out the gate, it is the technological RAW powerhouse in a teapot... but boy oh boy ... handholding with a manual prime is a PITA, all sorts of jitter & jello and awkward trying to not place your hand nearby the hot vents, but probably a benefit in winter use as a hand warmer - for handheld use you REALLY need an IS lens or gimbal ((or Monopod at a minimum how VK recommends above)) as it appears unuseable handheld otherwise without turning it into a frankenrig, negating the benefit of small size. I think the larger RAW camera bodies offset a lot these issues with better balance and heft...

    just my first 2 seconds impression with the Eagle- you really need very powerful wings for support, perhaps more so than larger RAW cameras otherwise it will tear apart your footage like the nimble bird of prey it is...

    PS. I had to give a comical but true first impression as I think every other joke of a "review" has been already done

  • I don't @flash. I have a G85 and a G7, but also the original BMPCC.

  • @NickBen

    You can just use attached monopod (used as stabilizer, not touching ground).