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Sony a9000 coming soon, 4K, expensive and photo oriented
    • Latest APS-C Sony sensor
    • Still some overheating
    • 4K p30 still, p60 is highly unlinkly
    • 3.9Mp OLED EVF placed in the middle, by idiots
    • Sony style tiltable screen, aka fuck you vloggers
    • Promised AI system and focus on your cats eyes
    • Special focus on your status as buyer ala iPhone
    • Price hike can reach 35-40% compred to current a6500 prices
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  • they need to do a lot of better than that to justify a 30% mark up in prices, that is basically the cost of a A7iii. I don't see how it will be viable with those specs as APS-C

  • No 4k 60p, overheating and 35-40% price hike? Then what will differentiate it from the A7III? Lots of rage about to be sent at Sony.

  • @HillTop1

    It can be 4K 60fps, but talks are that current ones overheat like crazy on this mode, hence high possibility that it can be disabled or restricted, may be only to external HDMI.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    Why does Sony cameras seem to suffer a lot from overheating issues? Does Panasonic hold some patents that's preventing Sony from "innovation"?

  • @HillTop1

    I believe it all comes to few old design choices.

    First, Sony traditionally used separate image processing LSI + general LSI. It still affects how hardware processing is designed.

    Second, Sony uses ARM cores in present products. Panasonic, I think, still uses their own MN cores.

    Third - proper thermal design of such compact body is very hard.

    And final - no one in Sony top management cares. And engineers just do things that are more easy to do if not pressed hard.

  • So, basically an a6500, with maybe some less rolling shutter?

  • No, different, as a6500 had been more minor upgrade (in overall construction and design).

  • unconfirmed leaks

    500 x 780 - 84K
  • From trusted sources we know there is still one major announcement coming soon. Today one good source told me that he got unofficial rumors about a Sony evtn on or around October 16.

    Well, it does not looks like usual Sony, as they always want to have plenty of bloggers prizing new expensive stuff. So leaks must be quite massive.

  • Name is unknown
    Completely new design.
    EVF is located on the optical axis as same as α7
    improved ergonomics

    Level of rumors is dropping lately :-)

  • Today Sony registered a new camera code in Asia. According to Nokishita the code “WW715296” is for a mirrorless system camera! We know from our sources the High End APS-C cameras is the next camera that will be announced by Sony. So I bet this is the new A7000 (or A6xxx).


  • And with a freeze integrated for overheat. Thanks Sony.

  • New strange rumors from Andrea

    • it’s not an A6500 successor (well, yes)
    • it has a new design with EVF in the center (old info)
    • it’s a new High End APS-C camera (told by PV before)
    • mini-A9 (same)
    • probably 20 fps and 5.6 milion dot EVF (unfounded)
  • Introduction can happen within 3 days now.