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PDMovie Live Air Wireless Follow Focus
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  • This wireless electronic follow focus was a great find at BIRTV. It was actually shown to me by Andrew Chan of SLR Magic. I was really impressed by it's light weight, size and responsiveness for the controller. I had to go see at the booth. The units model number is PDL-AF and is called the Live Air. The company, PDMovie has a more expensive, bigger unit called the Remote Air 4 as well.

    We have the Live Air to test in our labs and will be doing a review of it soon.

  • Looks appealing for owner ops, should be a strong competitor to the Tilta Nucleus N.

    But for dedicated 1st AC crew, they'll be going for a Tilta Nucleus M or better.

  • @IronFilm

    In real life - the smaller the crew - the more important is tight two rods connection and the better lens fixation is required.