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Panasonic GH5S GH5 S, 4K Video Edition
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  • Just got around to putting together some of the videos I shot when testing out the GH5s pre-production several months ago!

    Here's a music video we shot using only a single 60watt bulb camera right and a variety of lumix lenses (42.5 f1.2, 15mm f1.7, 25mm f1.4)

    This was shot using the first pre-production firmware so didn't have the full range of dual ISO, but most shots here were between 1600 and 6400 with no noise reduction!

  • Wonder how many GH5S owners will be selling their camera in September ;)

  • Is this global shutter?

  • @suresure123 rolling shutter

  • @suresure123

    Rolling shutter, but the readout is extremely fast on it compared to any other mirrorless out there. The effect is very very well handled

  • @thetrickster: where did you find that trade-in offer?

  • For acceptance in the EBU Tiering system, the camera should be used with the optional sound module to allow for XLR audio connections. Monitoring connections are only just adequate, only HDMI is provided, but this connection can carry all the resolutions so this ought not to be a problem.


    Colour performance is good and there was no evidence of any Infra-Red response.


    Resolution at HD is very good, with very little spatial aliasing. At UHD (and therefore at 4K as well) resolution is good but not as good as at HD, and there is inevitable coloured aliasing horizontally and vertically, and diagonal luminance aliasing, but neither is at a high level. This confirms that there is a good optical low-pass filter in the camera, and that the down-scaling to 1920x1080 HD is done with a good algorithm.

    The dynamic range is about 14.6 stops in HLG, a creditable performance. CineLike-D is about 13.9 stops and Like709 about 10.3 stops with the Knee switched off. However, all of this is using the 4:2:2 10-bit recording modes. Using any of the 8-bit recording modes will automatically reduce the dynamic range by at least a stop.

    However, the dynamic range of Like709 can be extended by using the Knee function. Previous tests, not published, showed that the knee can capture about 2.5 times normal exposure (+1.3 stops), so the dynamic range for Like709 can be extended to about 11.6 stops – even with 8-bit recording.

    800 x 347 - 43K
    622 x 449 - 39K
  • FW Update is coming for GH5 & GH5s. Seems to incorporate C-AF fixes for video mode as well as some additional enhancements for video. Also some updates for photo features. But still unclear if GH5 will get higher frame rates and high res mode.

  • Is it possible to find and download any 4k sample footage in v-log? I'd like too grade it by myself for test purpose.

  • @Odur

    Try searching Vimeo.

  • Here is some footage I shot, not particularly interesting though. HLG at dusk ISO -1250, with one V-Log L clip done. Then the second link with all kind of stuff. V-Log L and HLG mix. The second link is uploading now.

  • Hi Vitaly

    I have just purchased a GH5s and and am having problems with video playback. With my camera set to

    FORMAT: AVCHD Progressive REC QUALITY FHD 28M 50p

    I have no problem with playback but can't find a setting that plays above the FHD 28M 50p in AVCHD recording format.

    with the system system frequency set to 50Hz PAL



    Memory card used: SanDisk Extreme Pro 5MB/s U 3 Class 10 64GB

    The file will not playback on my computer. Why is this? My computer is ASUS ROG G752 64GB RAM, i7Core 3.5GHz, 8GB GRAPHICS CARD, 512 SSD DRIVE AND 1TB HDD DRIVE.

  • Have you tried installing the k-lite codec pack or similar yet? I'm pretty sure that the codecs for playing back some GH5 footage aren't installed by default in Windows, but I'm pretty sure that k-lite has 'em.

    That or try playing the file back in VLC instead of Windows Media Player. It may have the right codecs built-in.

  • The file will not playback on my computer. Why is this? My computer is ASUS ROG G752 64GB RAM, i7Core 3.5GHz, 8GB GRAPHICS CARD, 512 SSD DRIVE AND 1TB HDD DRIVE.

    Install Zoom Player or VLC. Otherwise can use any good NLE.

  • Quite strange interview about inflated influence of US marketing/ambassadors

    The GH5S is an interesting product - who did you make it for, and what kind of conversations happened in the planning process?

    When the GH5S was being planned, we took a very broad look at what the industry's needs were, as a whole. We got a lot of feedback from videographers and production houses around where the GH5 fell short for them. We have the advantage of a very large broadcast team, obviously and since we have a lot of resources in that world we were able to take a step back and look at the market and ask - ok, if there’s a specific need - in this case a high level cinema camera in a form-factor like the GH bodies -what would the real-world applications be?

    So talking with cinematographers, high-level DPs and production houses we worked on finding out the viability of that market. If we figure out that there is a need for a product like that, which nobody else is making, in a lot of cases, that’s enough for us to make the decision and go ahead. In the case of the GH5S, nobody else made a product like it at that price point, and our team had the capabilities to do it, while keeping the same chassis as the GH5.

  • Lumix GH5S firmware v1.1, coming May 30th

    • Improved AF performance - The autofocus for low light and low contrast shooting has been improved
    • L. Monochrome D & Grain Effect - The new L.monochrome D captures even darker tones and greater contrast, with grain effects available in different strengths for all monochrome settings - a fantastic addition to the mank black and white options of Lumix cameras.
    • Enhanced sound quality - Sound quality has been improved by optimising the performance of the internal noise cancelling microphone.
    • Better control of video settings - Vector scope can be displayed on the screen while adjusting white balance.
  • Check very nice cage for GH5S