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GH1, GF1, G2: Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch - Version 2
  • Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch - updated for PTool 3.56d

    As you may have heard, the latest version of PTool 3.56d liberates all previously unhackable versions of not only the GH1, but the GF1 as well as previously hackable G2 cameras. (Unfortunately, the newest G2 models can no longer be hacked.) In addition, PTool now provides a variety of new patches that I've been able to incorporate into the Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch, making it more versatile than ever.

    To make use of these new features, download PTool 3.56d from the following link:

    The Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch is ideally suited for the GF1 and G2 cameras' hardware capabilities. The NTSC version of these cameras produces native 720p30 video streams in both AVCHD SH mode and in MJPEG HD mode. This patch boosts the peak bitrate of both video modes to over 50Mbps and in SH mode uses a remarkably short 3-frame GOP-size, recording 10 key frames per second. (This 3-frame GOP is used in PAL AVCHD SH mode as well, recording at 720p25.) Using such a high density of key frames enables the Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch to maintain excellent image quality while tracking rapid moving objects.

    In addition, all GF1 and G2 may now be freely switched between NTSC and PAL video modes, all available user interface languages, and may use third party batteries.

    For version 2 of the Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Patch, I've prepared a choice of two INI settings files that differ only in the settings for the MJPEG 30p modes:

    * For use with standard lenses, the standard patch will produce two types of MJPEG videos:

    HD mode: 1280x720 HD videos with peak bitrates up to around 60Mbps (in 4:2:2 color on the GF1).
    VGA mode: 960x720 iPad-compatible videos, with peak bitrates up to 30Mbps.

    * For use with anamorphic lenses, the anamorphic patch supports two different squeeze ratios:

    HD mode: 1920x810 videos optimized for 1.33X anamorphic adapters, with peak bitrates up to around 60Mbps.
    VGA mode: 1920x720 videos optimized for 2X anamorphic adapters, with peak bitrates up to around 50Mbps.
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  • Great thank you!! :) So this is the ultimate patch for GF1 right?
  • I would say so...I use 3 gop patch on the GF1 and its rock solid (as long as you dont shoot in pitch black!)
  • Any suggestions about values for the video and audio buffers?
  • Are you making fun of ppl with, Vitaliy? Pfffffff :-)
  • @JMF

    No, just posted in wrong topic :-)
  • I have a G2 with the G2___V11 firmware. I have loaded LPowell - Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Standard Patch into the latest Ptools using the I button. I have renamed the software G2___V12, put it on the SD card, put that in the G2, switch it on, push the play button and NOTHING happens, as if the camera does not recognize the software. I did not have this problem with the GF1. Any clues?
  • Did you format the card?
  • i'm having the same trouble as you, alainmaurel. which is why i came here. got any answers?
  • Does anyone know the maximum stable mbps 720p60 settings for the GH2 in any particular patch?
    My G2 is getting 60mbps+ with this threads settings, but my GH2 isn't quite matching it.
  • using AVCHD SH, i've got banding or horizontal lines using this patch. i followed all settings from the ini file in ptool and tested this morning.

    "Comment=LPowell: Fast Action 3-Frame GOP Standard Patch v2
    : 50Mbps SH AVCHD 720p25/30 with 3-frame GOP
    : 60Mbps HD MJPEG 720p30 in 4:2:2 color depth
    : 35Mbps VGA MJPEG 960x720 iPad-compatible
    SD_Card=Class 6 SD cards and higher
    Camera=GF1 v1.22 and G2 v1.1 - NTSC or PAL

    can't attach the file since it's big.
  • I have the same issue with the G2 as alain above. The camera is new. G2 doesnt recognise the firmware. I have not been able to find any more info on this. Is it the case that the G2 is no longer hackable? any info would be great thanks
  • @nickytl

    You just use wrong topic for this :-)
    Latest G2 are unhackable.
  • i see noise when using MJPEG and horizontal lines in AVCHD when using either the Lpowell Fast Action 3Frame GOP Standard and Anamorphic versions.

    What camera settings are you using in your GF1 when using either of lpowells provided hacks?
  • the horizontal lines are like rolling waves.
    still no replies?
  • i've managed to hack my G2 from a 1.0 Firmware Version. I noticed that in order for full manual controls i have to constantly press menu and then exit to put it to video mode when on Manual Dial. I also noticed that when in manual mode, when i switch the Ext. Opt. Zoom ON (is this the same as ETC?) nothing happens, but when i use the dial for Video Mode without manual controls, the Ext. Opt. Zoom Works. Also when changing the shutter speed on manual mode, it only changes from 1/50 upwards, it wont go below 1/50, why is this? did i hack it wrong? or is the G2 really limited to this range even with the hack for manual mode is on?
  • I just tested the Ext. Opt. Zoom again, it works in manual mode but it wont show it straight away on the LCD screen when you switch it ON, you have to press REC first and then it will show up. But for the Shutter Speed on Manual Mode is still not working under 50, it works on images but it doesnt on video, was this the case for GF1 aswell?
  • @LPowell

    The anamorphic patch set may just be the GFx sweet spot !

  • GF1, PAL, dial on video mode, AVCHD SH, manual mode "M", card sandisk 95 Mb/s. Getting speed error after 5-6 sec of recoeding.

  • Hey LPowell, just wanted to say thank you! Great Patch, i got a used GF1 for around 80 Euros a while ago and wanted to share one of the resulting videos: ungraded version:

  • great colors :)

  • Hi will this improve rolling shutter at all? I am using the play back in camera patch you made its really rad love it. I noticed strangely that the rolling shutter was better in mjpeg mode than in AVCHD? Anyway care to explain why? I thought AVCHD would have been better since it is shooting at 60 fps... I know its not coming out at this frame rate.

  • @AlbertZ Thanks matey! I was lucky and had awesome weather. I used the old canon FD 28mm 2.8 which is one of my favourite lenses on my Lumix Cams. As far as I can remember I didn't have a variable ND filter when I shot this, so I shot mostly stopped down, so there's still some room for sharpness if I use f:4 on that lens.

    @disease8 I don't know exactly why that is but maybe its because the sensor is being read/scanned differently in MJPEG mode than in AVCHD video mode?

  • @disease8: MJPEG is intraframe like AVCHD. It records a full information per frame. That is why the rolling shutter is much pronounced in non-intraframe AVCHD (AVCHD GOP) compared to MJPEG.

    My wife Lumix G2 also running this patch, 4:2:2 MJPEG is not available, but it is okay. The video in the initial setting is softer compared to my Lumix G6, but the resolution is much better when i-resolution set to high.