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Rode microphone representatives and Rode in general
  • I bought a Rode stereo video mic x from I noticed the right channel of the mic created occasionally interference, low rumble by itself. The mic was broken. I contacted rode australia, who advised me to contact the Finnish representative of rode, a company called Msonic. I told them I had a broken mic, so they told me to bring the mic to them, so I did.

    After a week, they called and said, might I have a broken cable. I told no. The mic itself is broken. After another week, they sent the mic back and told they were unable to find anything wrong with the mic.

    Then I contacted as they advertised they have a 3 year warranty to everything they sell. They asked me to make a video, demonstrating the fault in the mic. So I did. Then they asked me to send the mic to them. I did.

    After weeks, the mic was sent back to me, stating that the repair personnel were unable to find anything wrong with my mic. I called thomann. I told it takes about 10 minutes for me to find the fault in the mic. Also, it is being clearly demonstrated in the video I made to They took the mic back again for inspection.

    After many weeks, again, they contacted me, stating that they were unable to find anything wrong with the mic. I said fine, you can send the mic back to me, but then I was going to send the mic to a professional microphone repair person, and if he was able to find anything wrong with the mic, I was going to offer the story to media. After few hours of this the person from thomann told that he had INSISTED to make yet another inspection to the microphone, and what do you know, they were able to find the fault I had been talking about. Then it was revealed the the mic had been twice in some german representative of Rode and now, thomann was going to send the mic for the third time to the same Rode people, to “fix” the mic.

    This whole process had now taken over 6 months.

    I contacted rode australia, and they asked me, where my mic was...

    The teaching of this lesson? If you buy a Rode microphone, you better pray it is not broken.

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  • @RRRilla

    Nice story.

    As far as I know thomann is music/audio discounter, and they are clearly not interested to take things back.

    Next ting to learn - such guys can really hard time understanding problems with mikes or such. They can get that it produce no sound or broken in half.