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Electric Cafe Racer Motorcycle - Cool Indiegogo Project
  • Thought some of the readers here might find this electric motorcycle interesting. Charge it with solar panels and enjoy!

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  • Any reason why it can be interesting?

  • Attractive body, low price for motorcycle , will likely be using Asynchronous AC motor instead of heavier permanent magnet motor, so higher electrical load efficiency , better torque, better regenerative coasting to recharge the battery slightly as you ride. Made in China, engineered by Russians living in China, visual Design by Spanish product designer. New global product concept from my standpoint - fun commuter transportation for medium long distances. They also make hybrid bicycles - since I know you like Human powered vehicles more (me too). This just has a nice aesthetic as well.

  • That motorcycle is cool.... All that technology for $5000.00 seems like a good deal.

  • it's around $3k if you indiegogo them