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Google Chrome silently scans your folders
  • Google declares that it is almost half a year as due to their hidden anti virus. Chrome can check My Documents and other folders (while sending file names and parameters to Google) and if it does not like something even send file to Google.

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  • @rheinpirat

    Various. Twitter posts of few researches and more.

  • More specifics:

    In practice, Chome on Windows looks through your computer in search of malware that targets the Chrome browser itself using ESET’s antivirus engine. If it finds some suspected malware, it sends metadata of the file where the malware is stored, and some system information, to Google. Then, it asks you to for permission to remove the suspected malicious file. (You can opt-out of sending information to Google by deselecting the “Report details to Google” checkbox.)

  • This makes a lot of sense and answers something that has been driving me nuts. I've got a storage HDD that is quite loud when it spins up. My main OS and scratch disk are both SSDs. I start my PC up, it's sitting at the desktop. I click to open Chrome and I can hear my storage drive spin up. I always wondered why as Chrome is installed on an SSD and it's temp folder is also on an SSD.

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