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Australian Panasonic G6 - Can anybody upload a ROM-Dump?
  • Hey guys, can anybody who ownes a australian G6 (PAL without 30min Limit) upload a G6U.TXT with the contents of the USER-ROM?

    I own the european version: If a change the Version between european versions The ROM-Dump changes at position H017/Ld( the last 2 bytes changes)

    eg,e -> 02
    ef -> 08
    eb -> 09
    ec -> 11

    the other number can be found in the service manual.

    May be it is posible to remove any recording limit with such a ROM-hack.

    Can anybody upload a australian ROM-DUMP? Has anybody tested to change the region code over ROM? The service manual discribes 2 MainPCBs: one with suffix A(Rest of the World), the other with suffix B(Europe). Does anybody know if these are different or have only other ROM entries?

    Yours Scyte

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  • @Scyte

    No, it is not possible.

    Just a waste of time, firmware checks for this way.

    Plus overall it is stupid eidea as it will affect various calibration things specific to your camera.

  • no, the kalibration is in G6F.TXT (Factory ROM) this nothing is changed here if the region is changed. The G6U.TXT file holds only user related settings. And as mentioned above the region code. Have you tested to change the region code in USER-ROM in one of your cams? (the position in ROM should be the same for the same model, but not between models) Scyte

    P.s.: In a Chinese Forum they changed the language to Chinese, with is not available in the japan models menu. The Firmware doesn't have checked this. They buyed a japanese version because is was 50$ off.

  • @Scyte

    Camera won't change region code - this is 100%

    But may be language change (separate) is possible.

  • Despite this, would like to see a G6U.TXT from a Australian G6. Even better from a region free main pcb :D

    Are you absolutely sure? Does the cam has another storage where the region code is stored?

  • Are you absolutely sure? Does the cam has another storage where the region code is stored?

    Yes. As I saw code :-)

  • This means you have decrypt the firmware? Where else is the region stored? Yours Scyte

  • @Scyte

    It means that firmware for all Panasonic cameras in this part is same.

    Also I think you do not catch logic. You do not need "other place", as first settings file is being read to RAM.

  • The firmware has to read from Flash, EEPROM or from something else which Regioncode the body is/should be. Due to the fact that new PCB can be set to different region codes these area can not be read only and must be on the main pcb.

    I assumed, that the "initial settings"-Dialog read H017/Ld from user rom and let you choose from one of the european profiles if it is 02/08/09/11 or let you initialice only the already store profile(for all other codes).

    So where is the setting file, you mentioned above, stored on the cam? Is the region code stored in there? Or is the code stored at multiple points. Can you briefly point out what the process of checking/reading the regioncode does?

    Yours Scyte

    by the way: Thank you for your prompt answers!